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The Challenge

Being in a competitive environment with women’s fashion, Chi Chi was looking to make their own mark in the retail space. Organic traffic was not reaching the levels that they were hoping for so technical improvements to their site were of the utmost importance, in order to improve user experience, as well as the amount of copy that was on the site relating to their products. To be able to do this, these steps needed to be taken and a plan of action would be able to be built out from this.

  • Site audit- In order to see where the site could improve technically.
  • Copy audit- This was to take a look at where the site’s copy was and see if it met basic SEO practices.

The Campaign

Being able to see where Chi Chi’s site was standing up against our audits, it was easier to see what would make this most positive impact on their site and brand as a whole. Firstly with the copy audit, it was clear to see where they could improve by having additional copy regarding their products on their pages. This copy ranged from category texts for key categories as well as more information on individual product pages. Being able to introduce additional copy on these pages gives you an extra space to fit in keywords and key search terms, as well as link building, to direct your users to other parts of the site and help them remain on the site. 

The site audit raised some important questions too. One big issue that needed to be addressed and fixed promptly was the speed of the site. As this has a massive impact on how users interact with your site, it is imperative that this is something that can be fixed through simple means. As the Chi Chi site is understandably image-heavy, these can cause your site to slow down drastically. Ensuring that these images are optimised helps boost the speed of the site while not compromising the aesthetics of the site. Another finding was how the site was not able to be crawled sufficiently. If this is an issue, it ensures that the site cannot be correctly indexed and plays a major role in your organic rankings. Making sure that the site can be crawled properly gives a huge boost to where your site ranks on search engines for field-specific queries. 

Building out third-tier sub-categories was another important step in the Chi Chi campaign. This was done in order to tackle the more niche and specific items that Chi Chi have for sale. As their brand is mainly focused on partywear and dresses, they have a number of products that will be more specific such as ‘red bridesmaid dresses’ or ‘black midi dresses’. This helped Chi Chi be more visible to customers who are after something a little more specific when searching for these terms. 

A huge plus to how fashion brands can market themselves is by networking with influencers. This was something that Chi Chi was overlooking and is a surefire way to improve their brand outreach. Putting together a plan in which influencers can be contacted whilst twinning this with PR outreach meant that the brand name was being marketed to the right target audience whilst reaching new audiences.

The Results

When tasked with improving the Chi Chi site from a technical standpoint as well as with written copy, the results soon started to take shape. Starting to establish themselves in the tricky field of women’s fashion was of utmost importance and the results started to reflect that.

Search terms were also seeing a positive spike in rankings:

  • Chi Chi now ranks in the top ten for search terms with a volume of 450,000.
  • With the help of the integration of the third tier sub categories, they now are consistently ranking in the top three for more niche search terms that still have a relatively high volume:
    • Dipped hem dresses- 6600 (ranks 1st)
    • Lace midi dress- 4400 (ranks 3rd)

Clicks Increase



Impression Increase


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