Chi Chi Clothing - US

The Challenge

With Chi Chi starting to make tracks in a competitive sphere in the UK, it was time to turn their attention to branching out their products to a broader audience, more specifically, the US. With this idea presenting new challenges, it was time to prioritise what needed to be done in order to hit the ground running in a separate market. These challenges revolved around a huge amount of technical work to ensure it was a smooth introduction to the US. These steps included:

  • Launching the whole subdomain in the US.
  • Drawing up 1000’s of corresponding HREFLANG tags across different URL structures.
  • Developing a functional SEO spec to get a start on the whole project.
  • Fresh content for the new US site.
  • Fresh KW mapping to correspond with the US kw volumes.
  • Extensive link-building based on influencer marketing.

The Campaign

With a big new list of challenges presented in front of us, the first thing was to prioritise what needed to be done initially to get the ball rolling. This was focusing on the technical side of things and more specifically, drawing up a huge number of HREFLANG tags. Having this HTML attribute to specify the geographical targeting of a webpage was important as the items available on the Chi Chi site in the UK needed to be differentiated from the new US subdomain. This was vital as this helps google identify differences between the pages and therefore present the right site for the users based on their location. This also helps differentiate the different site’s success in terms of rankings for keywords and other search terms and queries.

Conducting fresh keyword research for the US site mapping was the next port of call, as naturally different keywords have different rankings based on location. For example, the search term “partywear” ranks significantly higher in the UK in comparison to the US, so ensuring that different keywords could be associated with the same product helps boost the US site ranking to make it more apt for the audience.

Creating fresh content for the new US site also provided an extra challenge, as there isn’t much of a language barrier but there are still slight differences in spelling and vocabulary. With keeping this in mind, it was important to not overlook these differences to ensure that the new users in the US felt that these products were produced for them and that the blog and on-site content was applicable to their day-to-day lives. Creating Thanksgiving-themed blogs for example will be more successful of course in the US than the UK, so it was important to keep that in mind when creating this fresh content.

Like with the UK site, Chi Chi as an entire brand will most likely succeed with having thorough influencer marketing close to the forefront of their marketing in general. Like other similar companies that are in the field of fashion, it is always beneficial to see how other people react to these items, so having a new batch of influencers in another location that have access to these products and reviewing them for their followers will always have a beneficial impact on a brand and their image.

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The Results

Being tasked with this shift to creating a US subdomain, there will be technical teething difficulties when starting, however, the results will begin to show and prove as to why it was only a benefit to the Chi Chi brand to expand their business to the US.

Impressions Increased


(70.8K impressions April-May period)

Clicks Increased


(3.59K clicks April-May period)

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