The Challenge

As a leading recruitment agency, Cobalt are at the forefront of connecting employers with their future employees on a regular basis. A main part of being able to do this successfully is getting users to their site. However, Cobalt’s conversion rate was poor yet the potential was most definitely there. Terrier was on hand to ensure that this potential was met. The steps that needed to be taken to help achieve this were:

  • Structural audit and content audit.
  • Set up Google event tracking.
  • Build an attribution model.
  • Set up a multitude of animations.
  • Create a number of articles.

The Campaign

Firstly, carrying out a structural audit and content audit is important to begin with as this allows us to assess where the weaknesses are in terms of how the site is performing as well as how the written content lines up with SEO best practices. The importance of this is that with structural and technical issues highlighted with the site can be flagged with the developers quickly to make sure that these issues don’t become much more of a hindrance to how the site is performing. 

Setting up Google event tracking was the next step to take when looking at how the conversion rate could be improved. Google event tracking is a useful tool on Google Analytics which allows users even more insight into the types of journeys users are taking when visiting a given site. This gives an invaluable level of information as this provides data regarding what users are doing when visiting the site. The way in which you use the data however is important due to the sheer amount of information, as this can sometimes be overwhelming. Using this information in the correct way gives you countless opportunities to help improve your site by helping direct your users in the right direction, therefore improving the conversion rate.

Building an attribution model was the next action that needed to be taken with improving Cobalts conversion rates. This provides further similar information to what is provided by Google Event Tracking which then ensures that no stone is left unturned with regards to data on each and every user on your site. The way in which this information can be used to help your site is by seeing how users interact with the site and therefore providing a more user friendly experience based on the knowledge that this attribution model gives you. 

An additional benefit that Terrier thought Cobalt could use in terms of improving the users experience was the introduction of on-site video animations, 18 to be exact. Each relevant topic to Cobalt was included in these video animations to ensure that these were more than just a gimmick. The effects of the new video-based content were concentrated through industry-specific retargeting audiences across several media platforms.

civil engineering jobs



property recruitment



The Results

The main objective of following each of these steps were to predominantly improve the conversion rate to where Terrier believed Cobalt should be achieving.

Organic Traffic Increase


Application Increase Versus Last Year


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