Complete Me

The Challenge

In such a competitive space that Complete Me found themselves in with health supplements, it was important that they hit the ground running as a startup in this field. With a relatively clean slate to begin on, we were prepared to help establish a strong start to life with Complete Me, which means an extensive list of tasks that needed to be completed. These tasks included:

  • Identify structural and content issues via a site audit.
  • Create a content calendar.
  • Keyword research and mapping.
  • Complete link profile audit to establish which links are the best for Complete Me.
  • Build a robust influencer marketing campaign

The Campaign

The customary site and content audit was the best place to start with Complete Me, as this gave us an idea of what needed to be done and highlight anything that was there that could be worked with. This helps gather important information and also it is best to do this right at the start as there is an added level of impartiality, as objectivity is key when looking at how to improve a client’s site. As structural issues were detected, the next port of call is to flag these up with the developers so that these issues can be seen to in a timely manner. 

Following a thorough site and content audit, the next natural next step is to address the content on the site that was lacking in terms of adhering to the best SEO practices. To help achieve this, building a content calendar can prove to be fruitful further down the line. The importance of a content calendar can’t be understated. What a robust content calendar can provide is topics for blogs that can be researched by looking at similar blogs that competitors are writing as well as topics that can help provide an opportunity for keyword-rich copy to help with search engine rankings. They also provide deadlines to help integrate consistent writing of high quality. Providing Complete Me with a year-long content calendar provided them with topics and blog ideas for long enough that they could help gain on competitors.

Reviewing the content that was already on the site too was also a key step. This gave us the opportunity to help optimise their existing copy to the best SEO practices. Doing this is also an efficient way to gain effective results when looking at search engine rankings. Not writing brand new copy yet just editing existing content saves on time and provides similar effective results.

None of this would be possible without extensive keyword research and keyword mapping. What this allows us to do is provide relevant words to feed into any written copy on the Complete Me site. These relevant words are curated terms that we feel would help boost the profile of Complete Me by improving their search engine rankings and providing genuine competition to similar brands in a similar market space.

Switching attention to how best to provide relevant links to the site content, carrying out a succinct link profile audit was a paramount step. What a link profile audit allows you to do is develop a list of relevant links to add to your site of other relevant websites. You can also build links of your site and have these feature on other sites which can help bolster your backlink profile. 

Finally, carrying out research for relevant influencers that could be contacted to help promote the products was an important step to help increase their brand image and appeal. We provided an outline of how many vloggers, bloggers and Instagram influencers should be contacted within each and every month, to provide new targets for further outreach.

The Results

Following all of these steps helped establish Complete Me and move them from the early stages of a startup in a competitive market, to a frontrunner in the space of health supplements.

  • 46% increase in organic traffic year on year
  • 1st for Complete Me

Organic Traffic Increase


Non-Brand Organic Traffic


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