Eyebrow Queen

The Challenge

Being positioned in such a popular market, Eyebrow Queen need to be firing on all cylinders when it comes to their SEO performance. If their site is not able to perform aptly then the rest of their efforts may not make up for this. The key parts that needed to be tackled to ensure that their brand was able to succeed were:

  • Technical SEO audit to ensure that there are no unnecessary bugs hindering the performance of the site.
  • Fresh copy to be written for all aspects of the site (blogs, category texts, etc).
  • Digital PR linking combined with extensive influencer outreach.

The Campaign

It is important when embarking on the first SEO consultation with any brand to carry out an extensive technical SEO site audit to be in a position to spot any bugs that may be causing a site to be particularly slow and therefore hindering user’s experiences with a brand’s site. 

We picked up on a considerable lack of speed on the site when navigating from one page to another, impacting on how a user might interact with the brand in a negative way. One of the first things to look at when looking at how to improve the speed of a site is the number of images.

With Eyebrow Queen, it is understandable that as a brand, they need plenty of images to help create further context for their products as well as create a certain aesthetic to fit their brand image so it is important to not just get rid of images. Instead, optimising and compressing the images can have a dramatic effect on page speed times improving. 

Whilst carrying out this SEO audit, it was plain to see that the written content on the site wasn’t fully optimised and up to scratch. When producing fresh written content for Eyebrow Queen in the form of blog articles and category texts, it was important to include further keywords that would help improve the brands’ search engine rankings further down the line. 

Conducting fresh keyword research presented us with the opportunity to see what people were searching for in relation to similar products to Eyebrow Queens. It also provides us with information on keywords that are popular and regularly used in searches but Eyebrow Queen is not ranking for them, providing a golden opportunity to move up the search engine ladder.

Digital PR is already a huge part in digital marketing but even more so when it comes to the fashion and beauty industry. This is where Eyebrow queen can really gain some serious traction. Reaching out to a number of influencers that would be able to produce a variety of content around their products not only helps the brand reach out to a relevant audience, but also gains a serious boost in exposure.

Getting in touch with influencers primarily on Instagram proves to be a beneficial boost to brand awareness for Eyebrow Queen and also an efficient way to catch up on their competitors in what is already a saturated market when utilised properly.

henna brows



semi permanent eyebrows



brushing up eyebrows



eyebrow shapes



The Results

For a brand like Eyebrow Queen, it was important to not shake the boat too much to harm their aesthetic, but for that to work to the best of its ability, it needed the supporting cast to work just as well. Having the page speed dramatically increased helped improve user experience without harming their layout. 

  • The YOY growth in terms of clicks/impressions is still hugely positive. For example, if we look at the last 28 days and compare to the same period in 2020:
    • Even more positive is the fact that the strong performance comes from non-brand terms.

Clicks Increase


Impression Increase


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