Fenella Smith

The Challenge

With a brand like Fenella Smith and being in the fashion industry by selling high-end bags, it is important for them to maintain a certain image and be in the loop with the latest trends. However, their approach to their digital PR was not reflective of their brand or image. Helping move their digital marketing forward to reflect their true brand image was important and achievable via the means of following the best SEO practices. The steps that helped achieve this were:

  • Assessing the site as a whole with a thorough site audit to identify any technical issues.
  • Improving the quality of internal linking.
  • Injecting a higher quality level of authority.
  • Introducing the benefits of influencer marketing.

The Campaign

Getting a positive start on improving their brand image was imperative and the best place to get started was by taking a thorough look at their site to see if there were any major or minor issues affecting the performance of their site. A site that is not performing the best of its capabilities can cause a number of issues with one being a negative user experience which will obviously have a detrimental impact on the brands image. With a number of issues flagged, it was vital to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Spotting redundant pages and empty categories was a major flaw in the site and of course affected the responsiveness of the site as a whole, therefore lending itself to a negative visit for any users landing on the site.

Going hand in hand with the site not performing as well as it should be is with the lack of quality internal links. Not having relevant internal links in relevant spaces on the site means that it is taking up unnecessary space and taking up space that could be filled with more beneficial internal links. Having internal links included in the written content on the site is also a vital aspect of the best SEO practices. Having internal links organically fed into written copy helps users find other relevant pages on the site as well as provide a more worthwhile visit for these readers. The longer users are on the site and the more relevant pages they can land on, the more likely they will be satisfied and will consider purchasing something on the site.

With fashion and the fashion industry taking up a huge space within social media, it is seen as prime real estate for digital marketing for fashion brands. Not being able to utilise this is most definitely a missed opportunity for Fenella Smith. Getting to establish meaningful relationships with fashion-orientated influencers was a huge opportunity that could not be afforded to be overlooked. Having the angle of an impartial opinion on your products provides another opportunity to highlight the quality of your products. What goes without saying is the huge benefit of having your products being viewed by a huge number of new potential customers which might have been unreachable otherwise.

vegan leather purse



green cashmere scarf



vegan purses



dog pencil case



The Results

The whole brand image of Fenella Smith needed to go in line with the quality products that they have on offer, as the brand image within the space of fashion is such as vital part of running a successful fashion based business. The improvements to the site were visible from the start. After tidying up a number of issues on the site, it resulted in a much more user friendly experience. 

  • 1st place for vegan purse, 1st for vegan leather purse

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