Georgiana Scott

The Challenge

As a jewellery brand, Georgiana Scott were struggling to make a mark in what is undoubtedly a competitive market. With the help from Terrier, it was possible to help establish the brand and help them move forward. The steps that needed to be taken to help achieve this were:

  • Conduct a structural audit.
  • Draft an extensive content calendar.
  • Rewrite product and category texts.
  • Provide Georgiana Scott with a number of fresh blogs.
  • Competitor Research.
  • Influencer marketing campaign.

The Campaign

Like any consultancy with a brand, the best place to start regardless of the field is by conducting a thorough structural audit and content audit. This helps provide Terrier with further information as to what the brand. What’s more, the structural audit highlights issues with how the site might be performing which can then be flagged with the developers to ensure that this issue gets fixed soon to avoid any further damage to the site. 

With regards to the content audit, it provides us with a glimpse into why the particular articles aren’t ranking particularly well or if they are not getting as many clicks or impressions as they should be getting. 

Following the content audit more specifically, the next natural step to take is to adjust the product and category texts, which was highlighted in the content audit as an area to improve on. The best way to improve these texts were by including relevant keywords to the particular page and/or particular product. This again helps to improve where the page is ranking which in turn helps boost the ranking for the overall brand on search engines.

The next best place to move forward was to plan out an extensive content calendar, as this provides both Terrier and Georgiana Scott with the opportunity to draft ideas for the upcoming 12 months for what topics to cover and what is more important to the client. This also enables the writers of the content with a number of deadlines that are important to stick to, ensuring that more often than not, the content will be written up with plenty of time in hand. 

Once the content calendar has been approved and Georgiana Scott was pleased with the topics provided, it was then time to move forward with these ideas and put them into practice by writing fresh blogs. With these blogs, it was important to have the right keywords in mind to ensure that relevant keywords were fed into the content to yet again help these pages rank where they should on search engines.

Competitor research is always an important part of SEO consultancy, as this gives an invaluable insight into how your closest competitors are performing and what can be done to help close the gap. This research includes thorough backlink research. What this enables us to do is see which sort of marketing strategies these brands are carrying out which can either be useful to see what is working for them or alternatively, you can see what to avoid when looking at ways to market your brand.

Finally, taking a look at how Georgiana Scott could be marketed via influencers was a vital step. With a jewellery brand, influencer marketing is an ideal strategy as these products are hugely marketable via social media. What Terrier’s plan was for this was to contact a certain number of influencers per month to help achieve reaching out to a certain target audience via relevant followers.




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The Results

63% increase in organic traffic to key category pages across the site.

Organic Traffic Increase


Non-Brand Organic Traffic


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