The Challenge

Gtechniq found themselves relying too heavily on their branded terms, meaning that their organic visibility was limited. As their product ranges were innovative and niche, Gtechniq needed to make the most of the traffic in more creative ways. 


  • Identify structural issues with the site
  • Conduct regular and thorough SEO audits
  • Keyword research across the site
  • Frequent competitor research and keyword gap reports 
  • Creation and publishing of x2 blogs per month
  • Creation of a 12 month blog calendar
  • Research and creation of a LearnHub on the site
  • Building of consistent, valuable backlinks every month

The Campaign

As is the case with most sites, fixing up the structural issues on the site was the primary priority. Multiple structural audits were carried out to ensure that each product page, and the site as a whole was optimised from a structural perspective. These created a thorough task list which was handed to the development team to address. 


While the structural issues were being addressed, keyword mapping and competitor reviews were undertaken to prevent cannibilisation throughout the site, as well as ensuring that each product page had specific terms it was targeting, meaning its content could be adapted to do so, helping maximise visibility for non-branded terms. 

In order to maximise organic visibility, monthly backlinks were built through seeded offsite articles to improve the site’s overall Trust Flow and authority. This provided Gtechniq with an edge over their competitors, as both content and authority were being improved simultaneously. 


As well as targeting conversion based terms, FAQs were researched to create a LearnHub on the site to provide a area to target the more general, higher volume informational traffic that the site was hereto missing out on. This, combined with monthly blog posting not only helped the site rank for discovery related terms, but also ensured a steady stream of fresh content on the site, maximising indexation.

The Results

Organic Search Increase


Visibility Increase


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