Hangout Pods

The Challenge

Hangout Pods offer a wide range of unique camping furniture, similar to hammocks but with a difference. With the brand occupying a unique space, it was important to help Hangout Pods establish themselves in the digital space to garner more traffic to their site. The steps we took to help achieve this were:

  • Technical audit of the site.
  • Indexing the site correctly.
  • Fresh category and product texts.
  • Plan out and create regular blog content, which can be repurposed for PR.
  • Conduct influencer outreach.

The Campaign

Carrying out a thorough technical audit of the site was our first priority. Carrying out a technical audit is vital to start off with as this lets us review the site as objectively as possible and allows us to spot the biggest technical issues that might be hindering the performance of the site. Once issues have been identified, it is best to flag these issues with the developers as soon as possible to give them the most amount of time to resolve these issues. 

Following on from the technical audit and flagging any issues, the next issue to combat ourselves was to ensure that the site was being correctly indexed. What this ensures is that the site will be able to be correctly crawled and therefore have the site rank and display correctly on search engines. 

Following on from sorting the more technical issues on the site and making that they were prioritised, it was time to address the content on the site. We started to approach writing fresh product and category texts. When looking at producing this fresh text, it was important to include more keywords to help make the text more relevant to each page. This also helps boost the page ranking in terms of where they are lying on search engines, following the ability for them to be crawled and indexed correctly. 

Once the fresh text for products and categories had been completed, it was time to move onto the bulkier side of content in terms of blogs. When writing fresh blogs for Hangout Pods, it was important that they had an insight into what the topics were about and what would be included in each blog. The importance of having Terrier write and optimise the blogs was that each and every blog would be written with SEO best practices firmly in mind. 

Another angle that needed to be thought of when producing this written content was how it could be repurposed into PR copy. Killing two birds with one stone with written content is a huge time saver and is an efficient way to work with written content. This is because an article written a few months ago to be uploaded to the site can also still be relevant when spinning that same article into copy that is a better fit regarding PR. 

Finally, it is important to research and discover a range of influencers who would be fit to help promote Hangout Pods on their given platform. With a huge amount of potential on social media, we conducted thorough research into which types of influencers would be suitable for helping promote Hangout Pods products, and which influencers followers would be interested in their products.

The Results

When looking at how Hangout Pods was positively influenced by the steps Terrier took in helping them improve their digital presence, it is important to remember that the main aim was to ensure that no stone was left unturned when getting their site up to best practice with regard to SEO.

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