The Challenge

With the unique nature of Haskapa as a brand, and with the fact that their premise was built around a berry, the brand was still ripe for development. Being in such a competitive space when it comes to health, especially improving your health with natural ingredients, improving the overall brand visibility was a tall order. With the added difficulty of not having an established digital footprint, there was work to be done but with a brand with such potential, the challenges were worth tackling head on. The steps that followed were:

  • Evaluating the site with a comprehensive site audit.
  • Drawing out a content calendar to provide regular and relevant written content.
  • Extensive link building.
  • Establishing relationships with influencers to broaden digital marketing reach.

The Campaign

With this extensive list of steps that needed to be taken to help establish Haskapa as a brand to be reckoned with in the health foods space. Firstly, carrying out an extensive site audit was imperative to ensure that no vital steps were being overlooked. Attending to any number of technical issues and fixing them ensured that the following steps could go ahead without much of a hitch.

When taking a further look at the site, drawing out an extensive content calendar was the next port of call to ensure that the site would be provided with quality and relevant written content. Laying out the groundwork and providing a guideline of when and how often blogs and articles will be live on the site is important in order to provide a level of consistency, which also adds an element of professionalism to the entire brand.

Intertwined with the written content creation process, is improving the link building of the brand. Helping associate Haskapa with high authority brands through links within their blogs and siting them in their articles can help improve their entire brand image. What this link building tactic allows Haskapa to do is improve their visibility on search engines and therefore provides a surefire way to improve their rankings on search engines as well as improves their brand authority and trustworthiness.

To help get the ball rolling in terms of improving the number of clicks to the site, PPC proved to be a useful tool. Although there is a potential risk linked to PPC when used incorrectly, there is also a huge benefit when used correctly. For example, when paying £2 for an individual click, there is the potential to turn that click into a considerable profit, £50 for example. This also helps boost the brand awareness, as people will start to see this PPC ads towards the top of search engine pages when searching for relevant terms. 

Another way that Haskapa is able to reach a wider target audience is by establishing worthy relationships with relevant influencers. As health and wellbeing is a huge part of a number of influencers content, there was no shortage of influencers to start to contact for more promotion of their product and build out their digital presence which was much needed. Getting the word out about Haskapa via social media is especially important for a brand that is in the health and wellbeing field. Having improved their digital presence as a brand up until this point will also help break through the noise on social media in such a competitive market.




haskap berries



The Results

With effectively starting from the ground up with Haskapa in terms of their digital footprint, the results proved to be a successful venture for both Terrier and Haskapa, as they started to reap the benefits of this hard work early on.

  • Number 1 ranking for Haskap and Haskap Berries

Organic Traffic Increase


Non-Brand Organic Traffic


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