The Challenge

As HighKind were approaching their full-on rebrand, they were wrestling with an outdated site to fit their new image. Whilst struggling to make any significant improvements in terms of their organic traffic, An overhaul of the copy on-site was also necessary. The following actions needed to be taken:

  • A site overhaul.
  • Fresh copy for every product to be published on the site.
  • A brand new category structure.
  • Conduct link profile analysis.

The Campaign

Being in close contact with the developers, drawing up a fully functional spec for the new WordPress site was paramount. Going forward with WordPress for the new site helped tick a number of SEO boxes right from the off. Getting off to this productive start helped move forward quickly with creating the fresh written content for HighKinds products. 

In order to make the product copy as effective as possible, extensive keyword research needed to be carried out across the entire site. This included looking at the sites pages, products and categories. Following this extensive research, a new category structure was created in order to correspond with the way in which customers were searching for CBD-based products.

With the CBD product industry being such a fast growing space it was important to move quickly when looking at potential link building. Conducting mass link profile analysis was key in order to catch up with competitors in the same space. Conducting this across a number of similar brands gave valuable insight into their own marked link building priorities. Having this helped with HighKind garnering a broad range of options to go after. 

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The Results

When in comparison to the old site, the positive results were clear for all to see:

  • In terms of technical SEO spec, the new site outperformed the old one massively, scoring upwards of 90% in various auditing tools.
  • The revamped category structure gave HighKind a number of new and organic avenues in which they could optimise around.
  • The site is now already listed across a number of trustworthy directories with 1000’s of competitors’ links being collated and analysed.

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