The Challenge

HollandGreen, a firm of architects specializing in luxury designs, faced the challenge of targeting and ranking for ‘luxury’ keywords to attract a broad and relevant audience. The original website prioritized imagery and showcased case studies prominently, which limited its ability to rank for a diverse set of terms. Additionally, structural issues like query string URLs hindered its organic visibility and search engine indexation.

To address these challenges, a comprehensive SEO strategy was devised. The campaign included a complete overhaul of the URL structure and the creation of a more sophisticated site layout. This layout not only supported the addition of new pages but also integrated a tertiary navigation system and additional sub-categories, enhancing the site’s ability to rank for a broader spectrum of search terms. The strategy also included a blueprint for adhering to Google’s EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) principles and repurposing existing content to maximize SEO impact. Monthly reviews of competitor back-links and proactive link building campaigns were implemented to improve the site’s Trust Flow.

The Results

The restructured website led to significant improvements in site indexation and organic search visibility. The new URL structure was successfully mapped and implemented, along with the strategic addition of new pages and navigational elements. The focus on Google’s EAT principles and the dynamic content repurposing strategy further enhanced the site’s credibility and relevance in luxury architectural circles. Trust Flow increased to 19, reflecting the effectiveness of the ongoing link-building efforts.

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