The Challenge

Homefire finds itself in a relatively specific market space so being able to stand tall against its clear competitors is hugely important. Being able to implement key SEO strategies is vital to be able to establish themselves in this space. In order to do this, these steps needed to be taken:

  • URL’s and Subdomains needed to be tidied up.
  • A number of technical issues needed to be addressed.
  • Improving the quality of written content.
  • Establishing relationships with influencers for wider-reaching marketing.
  • Bulking out the number of internal links.

The Campaign

The technical issues of the site were the biggest priority to look at to improve. These issues vary from making sure that the site could properly be indexed when crawled so that Homefire could start to competitively rank for specific search terms, to the slow speed of the site. These issues all play a part in the way in which Homefire was ranking for search terms.

With Homefires’ site being quite reliant on images of their products, optimising these images was a safe way to improve the speed of the site which then lends itself to a better user experience. Another part of improving the site is by improving the link building. Ensuring that links are built into written content as well as category texts help direct users to other parts of the site and therefore extends their stay on the site. More specifically, linking to pages that previously had no referring domains meant that these pages were often getting neglected and therefore were not being fully optimised. Building content that could seamlessly include these links gave these previously neglected pages more meaning and more regular users.

With Homefire having a very specific product range, it is best to have quality written content to help diversify the content that is on the site. Creating a content calendar initially to plan out the topics of the blogs helps establish a guideline of how consistently the blogs should be published. Once the content calendar has been created, the writing of the blogs can commence as well as any adjustments to the calendar to help accommodate any changes to topics of the content. As Homefire is massively influenced by changing of seasons, focusing on writing topical content is hugely important. 

The importance of influencer marketing is becoming increasingly blatant, so being able to establish relationships with influencers to help market your product can help you cast a wider net to audiences that previously may have been out of reach. Intertwining this with consistent digital PR outreach ensures that this wider net is being cast on a regular basis and therefore the outreach will be even more effective.

smokeless coal



how to light a coal fire






is birch a hardwood or softwood



The Results

Whilst establishing a consistent blog calendar and fixing technical issues on the site, all while improving the digital marketing and PR outreach had a significant impact.

  • Branded search terms have also improved by roughly 100% YOY. Proof of both non brand nad brand search terms improving, however non brand is performing better which is a huge bonus.
  • Overall traffic of the site is up by over 100% YOY according to Google Analytics.
  • Transactions generated by organic traffic saw in increase by over 50% YOY.

Clicks Increase


over 34,000 according to Google Search Console

Impression Increase


over 660k for the month

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