House Fuel

The Challenge

House Fuel are a subsidiary company of Homefire, meaning that that the site had the extra challenge of increasing their visibility in organic search, whilst avoiding competing against, and cannabilising their other site. 


Here’s what we needed to do: 


  • Identify structural issues with the site
  • Conduct regular and thorough SEO audits
  • Keyword research across the site
  • Frequent competitor research and keyword gap reports 
  • Creation and publishing of x2 blogs per month
  • Creation of a 12 month blog calendar

Firstly, the site needed to be optimised from a structural perspective, with regular audits undertaken to identify structural issues and create a task list to provide to their developers. These issues were subsequently addressed, ensuring that there were no lingering structural issues that could limit the effectiveness of our SEO. 


While these structural issues were being addressed, we undertook extensive keyword mapping and competitor reviews to identify priority terms and avoid any cannibilisation on the other site. This meant ensuring there was no overlap with Homefire, and that the site had a clear identity and plan in the terms it was going to target. 

By undertaking keyword mapping, we were able to target specific ‘bulk’ and ‘measurement’ related terms that were most relevant both to their customers, but also their products too. This provided Housefuel with a clear identity and allowed us to better shape on-site content down the line. 


Competitor reviews not only allowed us to identify areas to address on the site, but also provided insights to high volume terms that the site was missing out on.

The Results

Organic Search Increase


Visibility Increase


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