The Challenge

There were a number of SEO based queries that had following the change in SEO best practices. Now seeing a dip in organic traffic, They now needed guidance on understanding how carrying out SEO best practices can be beneficial for them in the content on their site. The best plan of action going forward for was:

  • Having a thorough set of SEO guidelines.
  • A better understanding of how these practices can help boost their traffic.
  • Feel confident following the consultancy about creating new content that is produced to the best SEO practices.

The Campaign

Conducting a comprehensive audit of the past 18 months of Image’s organic search was a perfect place to start as this helps identify where the biggest issues lie. This helps identify keywords and pages that are no longer garnering traffic. Following this audit, it was best to brief the internal team on the findings as well as show them the top 50 pages that needed to be rewritten or optimised to help with the lack of traffic. Once the written content started to get optimised, identifying structural issues on the site was next on the list. With the issues that arose from the structural audit, flagging this up with the development team was the next step as they will then know how best to adjust this. Giving them the findings of the speed audit too added another issue that needed to be addressed in order to have their site adhere to the best SEO practices.

Extensive keyword research and keyword mapping swiftly followed for all the pages with navigation on the site. This lends itself to consulting on the importance of the core web vitals to ensure that the site is performing to the best of its ability. Alongside this, identifying and fixing any relevant SCHEMA on the site helped how their search results appeared. Once all of these audits are completed and fixes for issues are implemented, it is now time to see how best to put this content to use. This is through link building. Reviewing five to six competitors to see what their link-building profiles look like as an outline for’s own lunk building profile. Following this, submitting the site to relevant directories was the next port of call. Finally, building a large article seeding list that could use for improving rankings for new articles and the brands link profile overall.

The main takeaway from these thorough audits was to educate and to give each and every team at the information and knowledge they require in order to pick up where their site left off in terms of traffic and how best to optimise their site and content. Providing each team with relevant guidelines and quick optimisation techniques to ensure that following the consultation, they are in the best position to carry on the work from the consultation.

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The Results

The main result following this consultation was being safe in the knowledge that had been given all of the relevant information and tools to carry forward the work that the consultation had given them so that their site was in the best shape moving forward. Set them up with SEO principles to take on as a team, built out authorship areas on-site etc. and sorted out technical fixes