London City Smiles

The Challenge

As a well established dental practice based in the heart on North London, location wasn’t an issue when being convenient as a suitable dental practice for new patients. This however was not well reflected in their digital presence. With a less than appealing site with an equally difficult site navigation, this was resulting in a poor user experience and failing to capitalise on new patients. The steps that followed were to help London City Smiles capitalise on these missing patients.

  • An overhaul of the site to produce a more effective site navigation.
  • Fresh copy on the existing treatment pages.
  • Create a more professional digital presence to match their physical professionalism as a brand.
  • Providing consistent written blog content.
  • Providing options to improve their digital PR.

The Campaign

Overhauling a site is not a task that should be taken lightly. This proved to be a worth while exercise to help create a more balanced brand image that would match their successful dental practice. Helping improve the site navigation lends itself to a more enjoyable user experience which can then in turn provide London City Smiles with more patients in the future. With a number of positive reviews from existing patients, it was important to have this as part of the site and therefore, providing visitors of the site with more information from impartial patients with an unbias opinion on the brand.

Providing fresh copy for each and every treatment page swiftly followed. Having valid information regarding the services that London City Smiles offers was key to help provide users with further information about the dental practice as a whole. One key aspect of the brand in general is that on top of offering a service for a routine oral health check up, they offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments, from teeth whitening to dental veneers. This should be at the forefront of the brands image as they offer a wide range of treatments that potential patients may not be aware of, as they may have to visit seperate practices for their dental requirements.

Drawing out the plan of a content calendar helps provide structure when wanting to provide brands with written blog content on a consistent basis. Having blogs revolving around their treatments and services uploaded consistently going in line with providing a professional digital image as this proves to users that the brand is keen to provide content that is relevant and informative for the reader.

In relation to the regular written content, it is important to be able to improve the outreach of the brand to help them cast a wider net for potential patients as well as improving their authority as a brand. Contacting influencers who can provide content to a wider audience, directing a positive light on the brand will only be a beneficial marketing tool almost immediately as well as further down the line.

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The Results

Providing London City Smiles with a comprehensive overhaul of their site and ensuring that they have consistent written content uploaded on their site to effectively keep up their professional appearances, gives the helping hand that they needed to match the level of quality that they provide through the multitude of their dental treatments. 

  • Top of the ranking for Dentist in Islington.
  • 4th on Angel Dentist.
  • 1,079 rankings and 166 Top 20 rankings for visibility in search for 10 months.

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