My Car Credit

The Challenge

My Car Credit were running into some difficulties with regards to its SEO performance. With the brands lack of organic visibility and more specifically, organic visibility in terms of key non brand search terms within the field of car finance, it was important to implement some basic SEO practices to help give the brand a helpful push in the right direction. Ways in which to do this include:

  • Overhauling the content of the site,  in order to optimise pages correctly.
  • Utilise this content to help produce various other types of content.
  • Improve authority through seeded infographics.

The Campaign

Starting with the basics of SEO, ensuring that pages on the site are optimised correctly can produce worthwhile results. With basic SEO practices being overlooked from the get-go by My Car Credit, it was important to establish these practices to help get a start on improving their results for organic visibility. Introducing relevant keywords within the written content, creating unique meta descriptions for each page and introducing H1 and H2 tags are all ways in which produce the relevant building blocks for a well optimised site and therefore, improve organic visibility for non brand terms.

With producing written content and optimising the already existing content, helping make this versatile can give a brand opportunities to recycle the content into another form. This includes using blogs and news about the brand into a series of YouTube videos, which is exactly what My Car Credit did and took full advantage of the versatility of the written copy on their site. Giving a brand the opportunity to flip one form of content into multiple other forms gives them the opportunity to rank separately and therefore cast a wider net and reach out to other types of customers who will seek out other forms of content rather than traditionally the written form. 

With this optimised content throughout their site in multiple forms, their non brand visibility will undoubtedly take a positive hit but to keep this momentum going, improving the brands authority by seeding infographics, What this enables is similarly to recycling one form of content into another, casting somewhat of a wider net to reach out to various outlets to ensure that as many people as possible are becoming aware of the brand in the competitive space of car financing. 

Being able to contact influencers, bloggers and promoting various blogs and news on social media too enables brands to branch themselves out in a number of ways. Naturally, the more your brands content is spread out, the more people it will reach and improve brand awareness. This in turn helps increase the brands authority. The importance of brand authority within SEO is that the brand will start to be seen as a reliable source of information which in turn helps promote the trustworthiness of the brand in general and the products and services you have on offer seem more trustworthy to users that are seeing your brand name and content in various ways.

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The Results

With the comprehensive overhaul of the content on My Car Credit’s site and optimising their pages to their full potential, it led to them seeing a significant increase in organic visibility, causing them to have a complete u-turn in their success with their brand awareness. With the tools given to them on how to carry out basic SEO practices, they will only see continued success when carrying out these basics to ensure that their brand is able to stand out in a competitive market and keep driving forward their success for year to come.

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