The Challenge

Paladone has been around since 1994 so is a relatively well established brand. Even though they are well established as a trend-based gift and merchandise company, their brand visibility was nowhere near where it should be for a brand of this calibre. Their biggest struggle of their lack of visibility was mainly with B2C audiences. With a severe lack of visibility on social media channels like YouTube and Instagram, they were missing out on quality interactions with potential customers. With this being the major issue, these following steps needed to be taken:

  • Conduct mass scale outreach.
  • Create a timeline for pushing select products.
  • Bulking out a trustworthy backlink profile.

The Campaign

This mass scale outreach campaign was the best place to start in terms of broadening Paladones brand awareness. Getting in touch with a number of content creators who produce content around a similar field to what Paladone are in is the sensible first step. Doing this enables Paladone to cast a wider net and reach out to a much broader audience yet still an audience that will be interested in Paladones services. The added exposure to Palodone for these users will only increase the popularity of the brand and their image whilst building a significantly trustworthy backlink profile. This is due to being promoted by trustworthy sources in the case of the influencers.

With Terrier’s thorough scouting of influencers, it ensures that an influencer is only contacted who has a significant trustflow which helps with Paladones brand authority. With these influencers, the collaboration was not to be purely based for Instagram, as a handful of blogs were also involved in helping promote and produce influential written content around the brand and what they have to offer.

Once these relevant and trustworthy content creators were contacted, creating the timeline to push select products was also another important step in helping improve Paladones brand visibility. Laying this campaign out in a timeline helped provide much needed deadlines to the promotional campaign and helped keep the momentum going forward. Similarly to creating a content calendar, issuing a timeline of when a certain part of the project needs to be completed helps keep the campaign from getting derailed. Choosing relevant products to create mini campaigns around also provided added context to what the influencers needed to help promote and therefore gave a more specific brief for them to be able to build their content around. Creating this tailored approach helped Paladone rapidly establish some authentic brand awareness and authority.

This case study truly highlights the importance of establishing worthy relationships with influencers. These relationships kill two birds with one stone in the realm of digital marketing as they provide an enormous boost for heightened brand awareness and brand authority. The use of influencers within digital marketing and providing a huge boost to brand awareness can not be underestimated, which can be highlighted by the results.

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harry potter movie game






The Results

With a huge focus on improving brand awareness and authority from the very start, it was important to ensure that the work wasn’t going to waste. This was proven in the results of these mini campaigns pushed forward by the help of these influencers.

Total Instagram stories live


Instagram audiences reached


Total Instagram audiences reached


Total Instagram posts live


Active engagements


Total blog collaborations


Blog views reached


Total Influencer collaborations


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