Pure Pet Food

The Challenge

Priding themselves on creating tailor-made food for your pets, Pure Pet Food is in more of a niche market which would suggest that it is easier for them to stand out in a less crowded field. However, with the site in the shape that it was initially, it was going to be an uphill battle to get it into good order and to help improve where their site was ranking. It was imperative to get this site in better condition in order to start performing as its successful products suggested. There was also no social signalling coming from their social media channels. In order to get the entire brand on the same page, we had to look at:

  • Conducting an SEO site audit to flag any issues.
  • Creating a content calendar for the following 12 months, providing consistent blog uploads.
  • Consultation on potential site expansion.
  • Consultation on new site navigation.
  • Thorough research of keywords.
  • Instate a digital PR plan.

The Campaign

With a number of issues flagged from the get-go, there was plenty to start with. Starting off with the SEO site audit is the best port of call to kick off our SEO consultation. This provides us with any information about any technical issues that need to be addressed. As soon as they are flagged and can be taken care of, it is then safe to start thinking about what can be added to the site in order to help it perform better in terms of search engine rankings.

Before that can be done, further consultation is needed in order to cover all bases with technical issues and fixes. This is in regards to a new site navigation and potential site expansion ideas provided by our experts with the best SEO practices in mind. Anyway in which we can provide the opportunity to improve your SEO, we will make sure that it is discussed and taken on board so you will understand the reasons behind our choices to help your brand reach new heights.

Extensive keyword research is always an integral part of basic SEO practices and always provides further concrete information on how to help a site rank higher on search engines for apt search terms and queries. Before this can be implemented however, a thorough content calendar needed to be planned out in order to lay out the written content that needs to be drafted for the next 12 months. Producing a content calendar out for the entire year helps provide opportunities for seasonal topics for blogs and also gives the team at Pure Pet Foods a chance to see if they are keen on the topics chosen.

Digital PR is an integral part of digital marketing and SEO. Reaching out to the right type of influencers for your brand can play an important role in your success down the line. It is an integral part in the way Terrier carries out its marketing processes.

Reaching out to a considerable number of Instagram influencers on a monthly basis that are good beacons of promotion for pet food is only a benefit to reach their target audience in a efficient manner. Seeding two blogs on a monthly basis also helped add further reach to a wider audience. Keeping track of all of this and 100 keywords regularly to ensure that they weren’t losing their relevance was also key.

can dogs eat custard creams



can dogs eat black pudding



what are the longest living dogs



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The Results

Turning the entire site around and getting it in shape with regard to best SEO practices was key, and that came into fruition to provide longer-term success for the brands image and the user experience on the site to be improved. Building the conversion landing pages also helped provide more organic traffic to the website.

  • Built a blueprint for commercially-focused category pages, built out a new blog tagging system to improve internal linking, etc.
  • 1.1K Top 3 rankings to 1.8K Top 3 rankings over six months.

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