Role Models

The Challenge

Role Models were discovering issues with their brand name. As they went for a relatively common term, it was hard for them to appear for their own brand name when searching for Role Models on google. With an issue like this, it is important to think of ways around changing much about Role Models identity as a brand and to focus on what can be done to not negatively affect them. The steps that we carried out for them were:

  • Create a thorough group of competitor profiles.
  • Extensive keyword mapping.
  • Create a content calendar.
  • New written copy for new CMS.
  • Map out redirects.

The Campaign

With Role Models creating a new site, it was important that none of their traffic was getting lost. Mapping out the entire old sites redirects was an important step to ensure that this wouldn’t happen. This is an important step as this helps avoid losing all relevant information regarding the traffic of the site and how many clicks and impressions the brand had gained, so they are not starting completely from square one.

When migrating to a new site, it is also interesting to see this as a fresh start in terms of fresh approaches to how the brand carry out certain research. What Terrier helped implement was how they were conducting research about their competitors. Cultivating competitors profiles allows Role Models to effectively assess where their competitors are strong, but also weak. What is included in these profiles predominantly is extensive backlinking analysis. 

Cultivating backlink profiles is an integral part of both reviewing the brand to their competitors as well as developing ways to catch up on their competitors by building affective links for the content on the site. This also works in terms of where links to Role Models will appear elsewhere, which could usurp the position of their competitors, on trustworthy sites.

A new site also needs fresh new written content. This required Terrier to help lay out an extensive content calendar for Role Models to adhere to for the upcoming 12 months. This allows Role Models time to take a look at the potential topics of the blogs that we will have created and see whether or not they are relevant or if there is anything missing that they might like to include. A bonus to a content calendar following extensive keyword research and keyword mapping ensures that relevant words and search terms are being fed into the copy. This in turn plays an integral part in helping Role Models boost their search engine rankings for pages all across the site. 

On top of curating this content calendar, we also provided further written copy for Role Models’ new site. These new articles provide a number of pages that will now be properly optimised and will include all of the relevant keywords to the given topic. This helps Role Models adhere to SEO best practices and also gives them a flavour of what they should expect when creating their own written content further down the line.

The Results

What happened following these steps for Role Models was impressive. With the helping hand that Terrier provided whilst they were migrating to their new site helped them establish their own digital presence for their own brand name. The results were as following:

  • Enquiries and bookings driven by the website’s organic traffic went up and we increased the conversion rate of the site.
  • Built and optimised the brands YouTube channel.

Organic Traffic Increase


Click Rates Increase


Impression Rate Increase


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