The Challenge

With the unique service that SITU LIVE provides, their brand is one that is going to naturally stand out. However, there were other issues that needed to be addressed to fully help SITU LIVE reach their potential and establish themselves within the field of tech. There was a complete SEO audit from top to bottom to see how best to take on this challenge. They were receiving little to no organic traffic beyond their own brand name as well. To make all of this possible, these steps needed to be taken:

  • A thorough and extensive audit of their existing site.
  • Provide thoroughly optimised written content in the form of consistent and category texts for their category pages, including a fleshed-out content calendar for the following year. 
  • Consultation on site architecture.
  • Extensive keyword mapping.
  • Extensive competitor research.
  • Regular backlink auditing with subsequent reports.
  • Improve SITU LIVE’s online PR.

The Campaign

With such a significant site audit to be carried out, it was imperative that this was taken care of first and foremost. The first prominent issue was that the site was struggling to be indexed properly, due to the fact that it was built in JavaScript, making it incredibly difficult to index correctly. The way we went around this was that we spent a lot of time and did a lot of work making sure the site was pre-rendered and crawled with meaningful content (metadata, category texts, etc).

With the site audit providing some important information, it was then time to consult with the team at SITU LIVE on the structure of the site. The best way to go forward was to provide fresh navigation with primary and secondary pages, to help improve the site’s architecture which then goes in hand with a better overall user experience.

Following this, we needed to ensure that the content on their site was up to scratch to help provide quality copy on their site. Firstly, we drew up an extensive content calendar which provided us with the opportunity to draw out blog ideas and topics for the upcoming year. Included in this content calendar was an outline of providing two fresh blogs each and every month. Having this layed out in front of both us and SITU LIVE gave both of us the opportunity to alter anything we weren’t too keen on and also reorganise and push topics that fit the SITU LIVE mould the best. Having these deadlines already provided helped us move on to the following stage.

Going hand in hand with providing fresh blogs with the content calendar plan was the implementation of the results of the comprehensive keyword research. Having looked at the popular search terms surrounding topics relating to SITU LIVE, it was important to ensure that these words were included wherever possible in the written content on the site. This helps improve search engine rankings over time.

This also links to our extensive research of the SITU LIVE competitors. Having looked at their link profiles, Instagram followers and YouTube reviewers, it was clear to see what there was to gain for SITU LIVE. Having seen how their competitors were being received digitally and the authority they were building due to their link building, a similar approach was necessary in order to pick up the pace and catch their competitors. 

After this improved technical site fixes and written content came tackling their lack of influencer marketing and overall digital PR. We were able to carry out an extensive outreach to a number of influencers, including bloggers, vloggers and Instagram influencers. This helped improve the brand awareness for people interested in most of the products that SITU LIVE highlight but weren’t aware of the brand.

The Results

With the site not being able to be crawled sufficiently at the very beginning, fixing these site issues was imperative to help get the site and various pages ranking altogether. The improved site led to:

  • 200 Top 100 rankings up to 750 Top 100 rankings in six months.

Non-Brand Organic Traffic



Impression Increase



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