Theatre Tokens

The Challenge

Theatre Tokens – the gift card arm of Society of London Theatre – was struggling with a website that wasn’t putting in a shift for the business. Theatre Tokens gift cards can be used in more than 260 venues nationwide and are available in a number of nationwide retailers, yet their site was poorly structured and didn’t drive enough of a return on organic traffic.

The Campaign

Terrier set out drafting up a full-scale SEO plan over twelve months for the brand (utilising insights gained from working with Official London Theatre, their sister brand). The number one port of call was putting the scaffolding up and improving the technical structure of the site. Due to the site’s complex back-end, the optimisation work had to be done within the existing custom architecture.

A full content strategy was put into play that included keyword mapping, on-site content optimisation and fresh blog content (on a WordPress blog annexed onto the site). The brand’s rankings were consolidated into quite a small niche historically, so Terrier set out optimising pages around specific venues with fresh metadata and copy. This expanded the brand’s level of relevant impressions rapidly.

Plans were drawn up to approach venues that were signed up to Theatre Tokens to become a verified venue in exchange for sharing a logo and some copy on their homepages/blogs/footers (containing all-important backlinks). Our team also reviewed a huge variety of competitor brands (and beyond) in order to find new, untapped backlinking opportunities.

theatre vouchers London



theatre gifts



theatre vouchers



theatre gift vouchers



The Results

The site went up between 15 and 25% YOY per month in terms of organic traffic and was visible for more terms than ever in SERPs. In addition, the site now had a functioning blog area and was far quicker in terms of loading, responsiveness and interactivity (the all-important Core Web Vitals).

Organic Traffic Increase



Non-Brand Organic Traffic



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