Venner Shipley

The Challenge

Being in the Intelectual Property field, Venner Shipley provides a considerable amount of content relating to this topic and its legal capabilities online. Previously experiencing difficulties tracking the effectiveness of their online activity, their goals were also not being tracked and therefore led to a significant decrease in the organic traffic heading to their site. These steps enabled their goals to be reached further down the line:

  • Giving the site a technical overhaul.
  • Optimising the existing written content.

The Campaign

With their organic traffic taking a significant hit, it was important to understand why this might be. Carrying out a site audit helps identify the issues more specifically and also helps identify a plan of action in order to improve the site’s performance overall. Once identifying the main issues highlighted by the site audit, it was important to action them as soon as possible. Giving the site a complete structural overhaul enabled the site to be crawled properly which then lends itself to being correctly indexed. Once the site starts to be indexed correctly, the site will then start to show on search engines from appropriate search terms. A way in which to increase the search terms that they are ranking for is by optimising the existing written content on their site.

Being able to optimise the existing content means carrying out some thorough keyword research in order to include relevant keywords into the existing copy. Once this is carried out and actioned, the pages that the content is on will start to show up more frequently on search engines as it now includes more relevant keywords. Ensuring that articles and blogs also have a significant number of relevant images and subheadings also plays a positive role in boosting rankings for search terms. Including relevant keywords in subheadings for blogs is a signal to search engines that this article is exceptionally relevant to certain search terms which is another key way of boosting rankings.

The Results

Restructuring the site has helped drastically improve the organic search rankings. This lead to:

  • An increase in the site’s organic traffic.
  • The identification of leads generated by the site each month.
  • A dramatic increase in brand referral traffic from the new Google my business locations.

Organic Traffic Increase



Overall Search Visibility Increase


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