William Sugg

The Challenge

Heritage lighting is especially niche, so wanting to help William Sugg with their SEO was a welcome challenge for Terrier. The way in which their website was functioning was the most noticeable issue at first glance, but following on from this, more issues started to arise with their site. These further issues included:

  • Outdated theme.
  • Dysfunctional spec.
  • Lack of optimised copy.
  • Build out a staging site.
  • Poor system of tracking actions across the site.

The Campaign

The first port of call was making sure their spec was a little more functional. What this entails is helping outline what needs to be done with the functionality of the site as well as how potential users will interact with this site too. This helps outline technical issues alongside the overall look and feel of the site. 

With the main issues highlighted following the development of a functional spec with highlighting issues with the site, it was in much need of a facelift. Aesthetically speaking, the theme of the site was very much outdated. Helping establish a theme with the team at William Sugg that helped reflect their beliefs and values as a company and within the niche field that they are in, help them stand out. We were able to help achieve this with using the CMS WordPress. Establishing this as their new CMS helped establish an ease of use and simplicity both in how they were able to use and edit their site, as well as the simplicity of the theme too. 

Another major issue but with a relatively straightforward fix was looking to optimise copy on the site to the best SEO practices. The main area that needed addressing was their product info pages. These pages included the best opportunities to optimise the copy to ensure that William Sugg could start to make some noise in terms of where they were ranking on search engines for their services. Alongside this, we offered to follow up with recommendations for their content creation and email marketing to help provide further opportunities to present optimised copy throughout their site and marketing practices. 

Regarding the niche nature of their services, it was important to provide simple fixes to how they can reach to a new audience, and providing keyword research for the relevant search terms and implementing that into their copy was a simple way to address the issue of not reaching as many people as they possibly could. 

Once these steps were taken, we provided a staging site with the optimised copy and new themes to help provide a look into what the site will look like and to see if these changes were to the liking of William Sugg. Developing a staging site also provides us as well as customers a final chance to see if there are any last-minute changes that need to be made.

Finally, attacking the issue in how William Sugg were able to track the actions that visitors to their site were taking was very much a necessity. Introducing them to tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console helped them see what sort of journeys users were making whilst on their site. What this helps with is that it provides the client with an insight into the psyche of the users and then the client can highlight what certain journeys are more popular and therefore take advantage of that and help provide certain paths towards booking their services and providing themselves with further business opportunities down the line.

sugg lighting



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The Results

With all of these issues being seen to and with the right actions taking place, William Sugg’s brand new look with their site was up and running and most importantly, adhering to the best practices with regards to SEO.

Organic Traffic Increase


Increase in Online Enquiries


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