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Understanding each client is essential. We invest our time to understand your business. The more we learn, the better we can guide, manage and support your business growth..


By auditing the foundations of your platform and digital marketing strategies, we can help to fix, build and grow your business


Based on your goals and KPI’s, our team of experts drive efficiencies and results from every click and interaction with your digital brand.


We use data to understand what activity is performing well and what needs further optimisation. We work to track this back to ROI. This allows budgets to be invested into strategies which drive results

Why Us

We love data

In the last year alone, we have reviewed over 25 millions lines of data on our clients competitors, across their social followers and link profiles.

We are recognized partners

We are a recognized partner by all the main search engines and major SEO software platforms.

We build high-authority links

Building links takes a lot of effort and even more strategic planning. Bad links can cause domains to tank in search results. We only build links that are relevant to clients’ niches, that are high-authority, and have high levels of real traffic – real users.

We report on everything

We try to add value to our clients like an additional team member. Our work is only valuable if it’s understood clearly by all parties internally. This is why we report on everything and anything, tailored to each clients’ individual requirements.

Case Studies

Case Studies

The Challenge

Gallinée, a notable brand in the skin care industry, encountered formidable hurdles. They grappled with the glaring absence of non-brand organic traffic, which hampered their ability to reach potential customers who were not already acquainted with them.

Furthermore, Gallinée’s performance in commercialrelated search terms left much to be desired, resulting in missed opportunities for product sales and brand recognition. These challenges highlighted the pressing need for a strategic overhaul of their SEO and influencer marketing performance.

The Results . . .
  • 2.2 million views across IG and TikTok
  • 73% increase in organic traffic from non-brand related terms year on year
  • 50%+ increase in conversions from organic in both the France and UK regions

Case Studies

The Challenge

As HighKind embarked on a comprehensive rebranding initiative, they faced the challenge of revitalising an outdated website that no longer aligned with their new brand vision. The challenge was not only to modernise the site aesthetically and functionally, but also to revitalise its stagnant organic traffic.

A crucial part of the strategy was to refresh the website’s content, establish a new category structure more attuned to customer search patterns for CBD products, and perform a thorough link profile analysis to identify opportunities for growth and a competitive edge in the rapidly expanding CBD market.

The Results . . .
  • 82% increase in onsite conversions
  • 124% increase in organic visibility
  • 92% increase in organic traffic year-on-year

Case Studies

The Challenge

Haskapa, although a brand with a distinctive product centered around a particular berry, was at the budding stage of its market development in the robust health sector. Improving brand visibility was a considerable challenge, especially given the brand’s minimal digital footprint when combined with the little to no brand awareness.

However, the unique potential of Haskapa’s offering made the challenge worthwhile. The approach to surmounting these challenges involved a meticulous site audit, the formulation of a content calendar for sustained and pertinent written content, robust linkbuilding efforts, and the initiation of influencer partnerships to expand their digital marketing horizons.

The Results . . .
  • Number 1 ranking for “Haskap Berry” related terms
  • The building of an influencer network of over 400 influencers
  • Increasing organic visitors from, on average, 30 a day to 280 a day over only a 4-month period.

Case Studies

The Challenge

Sons faced the daunting task of distinguishing themselves in the intensely competitive men’s hair loss treatment and health market. Amidst the challenge of standing out in a saturated field, they recognised the need to embrace effective SEO strategies to elevate their market stance. Key areas identified for improvement included enhancing written content, technical site optimisation, strategic link building, and leveraging influencer marketing to build social signals.

These initiatives were crucial for Sons to gain a competitive edge and improve their visibility, especially when the brand was new to the space and had a brand new domain.

The Results . . .
  • Top 10 ranking for Minoxidil, a term that gains the brand more traffic each month than all brand-related searches combines
  • 115% increase in organic traffic year-on-year
  • 87% increase in conversion from non-brand related traffic year-on-year

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