The best WordPress plugins of 2018

Behind every good WordPress site stand the right plugins...  If you want to get the best out of your WordPress website, then you need plugins. Knowing which plugins to choose, however, can be like walking through a minefield. There are so many plugins out there and if you use too many, you can end up slowing down your site. To maximise your website’s performance, you need to choose the essential plugins only. Below is our handy guide on getting your site firing on all cylinders with these top plugins.


SearchWP is an excellent plugin that improves your site’s user experience. The plugin gives visitors a search tool where they will be able to find more of your website’s content. SearchWP has a range of notable features, including keyword stemming. It shows better results by using keyword stems rather than exact term matches. This allows users to enter a search term and the search will show related words.

Themify Announcement Bar

If you’ve got an important announcement for your visitors, the Themify Announcement Bar should be your go-to plugin. It lets you create eye-catching designs for announcements, which appear at the top of the screen. You can schedule announcements on your website for any specified time. This plugin is the best way to highlight and raise awareness of an important message you want your visitors to know.

Shortcodes Ultimate

Shortcodes are WordPress-specific codes that allow you to do various things with little effort. With the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin, you can, for example, embed files or images without having to write any code. The plugin contains over 50 shortcodes and best of all, they work on any WordPress theme. Shortcodes Ultimate saves time and enables you to get creative with different functionalities.

CSS Hero

It can sometimes prove a headache getting your website to look exactly the way you’d like. Even when you find a great theme, often you still need to make a few changes. But not all of us have the technical know-how to carry out coding. That’s why CSS Hero comes in handy. It’s a plugin that helps you make visual changes to your website. It uses a point and clicks interface, automatically generating the required coding. The plugin gives you access to a dashboard that has various features. It’s a very useful plugin and takes the guesswork out of customisation.


Imagine your despair if you lost all the content on your site in a comical cloud of smoke. Just thinking about it may send shivers down your spine, but it can happen. There are lots of plugins you can use to secure your website, but WordFence is the best and shouldn’t be overlooked. It has a number of brilliant features such as scanning core files, checking the strength of passwords and scanning for trojans and suspicious code. WordFence is an efficient plugin guaranteed to protect you from those nasty hackers.

As a website owner, you need to make sure your site is running at tip-top speed and has a great user experience. These plugins reduce lots of work on your part. They come with benefits that you cannot afford to ignore.

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