The Chrome plugins we’d struggle to live without!

As of June 2018, Google’s Chrome had a 58.94% global market share of the browser game.

This got us thinking:

What Chrome plugins would we struggle to live without?

Following some ‘healthy’ debate, we put together a shortlist of sorts. The A-Team. Check them out:


Facebook’s Pixel Helper is an essential tool in any self-respecting digital marketeer’s arsenal. With this tool, all potential issues relating to a site’s Facebook Pixel are monitored and, if needed, flagged… in real time no less.


Everyone loves a bit of typeface inspiration (read: theft) No shame in casting a wide net of influences. WhatFont has your back. Everything from Helvetica to the informal classic Comic Sans…


Not one for the faint hearted. Making long days stuck at the desk a thing of the past and get your office in shape with Move It. Regular notifications reminding you to get up and move about a little. Legs feeling a little numb? Climb a ladder on the spot for 10. Can’t think of anything worse? Well, not for everyone we guess.


Crashing back down to earth with Google’s Tag Manager at #4. Most digital marketing professionals have had a long day spent in front of Analytics/AdWords at some point. It can leave you wanting to chuck your laptop out of the window. Tag Manager keeps tabs on your Google tags, so you don’t have to!


Another one for the designers here. Loving a certain shade? Nail your colours with Eye Dropper. It works on any web page, just click and drop. Coca Cola? #f40009. Scottish flag? #0065bd. Terrier Agency? #ff6820, of course.

Make your Chrome browser work for you with these handy plugins. You’re the boss after all…

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