The Importance of Microformats

For an enhanced search display and better click through rates, it’s important that you utilise microformats correctly. They are small snippets of HTML that you can use to identify specific kinds of data, like web pages, blog posts and tags. Microformats are an effective way of giving more information to Google, improving your search listing as a result.

Key benefits of Microformats

There are many key advantages of microformats that make them so important, but they will benefit some businesses more than others. One of the main advantages of using microformats on your website is that it makes it easier for Google to extract the information already on the page. They standardise the page data, making it more accessible. For example, if you have your address on your website, the microformats will tell Google exactly what it is and its meaning.

Another key advantage of microformats is that it can improve the appeal of your business listings. When Google crawls your website, it will be able to easily see the business information and what your company is about. It can also improve the visibility of business reviews and local events in relation to when your company is searched on Google.

Also, with more people implementing microformats, it will contribute to the creation of the semantic web. The more semantically marked up data we have on the internet, the easier it will be for search engines to crawl it and create relevant, accessible structure.

How to use Microformats

There are a few common ways that you can add microformats to your site. If you want to markup events, you should use a hCalender. You should use hReview for reviews and rel-tag for tagging pages, which is widely used by bloggers. The microformats should be added to the code of your CMS and you can use hCard creator to help you.

With microformats, you can add semantic richness to all your pages. That’s why it’s so valuable because it adds extra meaning to the information already presented.

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