The importance of recipes for food brands

Food brands are missing out on a number of key benefits by not creating recipes on their site. People are always looking for new recipes and inspiration for their cooking, so creating recipes gives people what they are searching for. So, this content is effective from an organic search point of view, as well as making your food brand an authority for recipes and ingredients’.

Creating recipes using your products can show just how versatile your snack products are. It’s a great way of making it a staple part of your customer cupboard and it can help to deepen your brand’s bond with loyal fans. With recipes, you have the chance to empower your customers to be creative when they cook your products. This will ensure they keep coming back to your site and incorporate your products into their weekly shop. The biggest benefit of creating recipes for your food brand is that it shows people can use your snacks in various ways, so they have more reason to keep buying.

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Also, another way to keep people interested in your snacks is to ask bloggers to come up with recipes and create blog content and videos on their sites of them cooking your products. Creating a recipe booklet when you have enough content is a great way to keep your customers engaged with your brand, as you can send out the booklet to loyal fans. Also, consider asking users to submit recipes on your site or suggest them in your social media posts. There are numerous ways you can use recipes for engagement and to build trust with your audience.

All food brands should be creating recipes, a number of them already are. Some brands are obvious fits. Taste Inc. and John West have been updating their sites with recipes and recipe-based content regularly for a while. It’s a key element in their pursuit of being seen as a diverse ingredient and a staple of people’s weekly shop. However, brands such as Oreo have also been creating recipes – which considering the fact it’s not widely viewed as an ingredient in any shape or form, speaks to the value in creating recipes.

Developing your own recipes puts you in a position where you can educate your audience. It shows your brand are experts in snacking and have a wide knowledge of culinary. It also strengthens the consumer-brand relationship, as well as attracting new customers.

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