The power of social media recruitment

Social media has become an undeniable integral part of modern life. We use it for everything – EVERYTHING – including recruitment. Here’s why:

Company culture

Posting about your company’s events, culture and staff can really enhance the way your brand is perceived, and often make it more appealing to potential candidates. Anything from an office-organised charity run to your Friday afternoon drinks! Showcasing a different side of your brand can be extremely effective as part of an online recruitment process. Make it a place people will want to work in.

Passive candidates

Passive candidates are those who are not actively looking for a job. They could even already be employed- but they may be open to change, if the right opportunity comes along. By posting job opportunities on your brand’s social media channels you may advertise for an opportunity that’s perfect for one of these passive candidates.

Cost effective

By not having to pay for a ‘middle man’ to do the recruiting for your brand, you can save a significant amount of money. You also get to use social networks, which are free and easy to manage, rather than other recruitment websites, such as job-hunting platforms.

Any case studies?

Deloitte: they created a separate website for recruitment and linked their social media platforms to it. Twitter was used for job vacancy alerts, Facebook as a scouting mechanism for potential candidates and sharing interesting information, that built a relationship between the company and its followers; LinkedIn was used to recruit more experienced candidates, whilst YouTube was used to showcase their staff and testimonials. This multi-channel strategy allowed for Deloitte to target a much larger demographic other than active job seekers only, whilst nurturing their relationships with their followers.

This was incredibly efficient: after this social media strategy was implemented, Deloitte’s recruitment website traffic went up by 234%. Numbers don’t lie – what are you waiting for?

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