Top 15 tips to increasing your on-site conversion rates

We’ll cut to the chase. Boosting on-site conversions can sometimes seem like an uphill struggle. It doesn’t have to be. Check out our top fifteen tips:

Include as few fields as possible on forms

Always ask for as little information as possible in any email/sign-up forms. Form fields have an impact on lead generation. In fact, one additional form field decreases conversions by 11 percent.

Add a guarantee

If you want to increase conversions, you should include a refund policy on your product page. Your customers will more likely trust you and purchase your products. Adding a guarantee reduces risk and in turn, can increase sales.

Use testimonials

Testimonials help your customers feel comfortable with your brand. It increases your credibility and portrays your business in a positive light. It can motivate people to invest their time in your brand, which can lead to more conversions.

Pay careful attention to your headline

Your headline is the touchpoint of your webpage, so it needs to be compelling. Spend time brainstorming headlines and pick the one that stands out.

Keep conversion elements above the fold

If you want to see the best results, place opt-in boxes and other conversion elements above the fold. Content that appears above the fold is what users will see when they first load the page. Above the fold has long been the holy grail of web design, as it entices people to take action.

Incorporate strong calls to action (CTAs) into every piece of content on your site

Having a clear call to action is an essential part of your content. You need to tell your users exactly what to do next once they finish consuming your content. Whether it’s asking visitors to fill out a form or click a button, CTAs are an effective way of boosting conversions.

Recommend related products

You should add a section on your product pages with links to related products. This will keep visitors on your site and help improve sales. It’s an effective method of cross-selling to show your customers other products.

Include stock numbers

Always include the number of remaining stock with your product descriptions. It can lead to greater conversions because your customers will know they may not have long left before the product becomes out of stock. It’s an effective way to urge your customers to convert.

Give your visitors tunnel vision

Make sure your landing page is clutter-free. Remove any potential distractions, like sidebars and other CTAs. Your landing page should be about getting your visitors to take a specific action. When someone comes to your site, they should have immediate clarity of its purpose.

Use live chat

Integrate a live chat tool to help customers with any concerns they have. This strategy can keep visitors engaged and help build a strong customer-brand relationship. Live chat can deliver excellent customer service and drive sales.

Offer various payment options

To keep every customer happy, offer a number of payment methods. This will satisfy the preference of all your potential customers, and decrease the chances of them clicking away. Also, you could take a look at your target audience to see which payment option they prefer.

A/B split testing

Running an A/B split test compares web pages against each other in order to collect data. The said data can be used to measure the impact your marketing is making. You should perform A/B testing on your entire platform. It can help you understand where to make changes to help you achieve your conversion goals.

Increase trust

There are many ways you can build trust on your website to drive conversions. First of all, you need to make sure your website is secure on every page. Switch to HTTPS to provide a secure environment for your customers. Make sure you humanise your company and show customers the real people behind the brand. Find ways to build trust through your brand’s identity and always highlight your authority wherever you can.


Only 2% of online shoppers will buy an item the first time they visit a site. If you want to drive visitors back to your site, you need to set up retargeting. It can help improve your conversion rates drastically. Retargeting can help you win customers over, because you’ll target them with relevant content. Relevancy = higher conversions.

Don’t require registration to buy. Allow guest checkouts

Skip the registrations. If you’ve managed to get the customer to the checkout page, why force users to go through a tedious registration process? It’s a barrier you can avoid by offering guest checkouts. No one wants to create yet another account so keep it simple and use guest checkouts.

See, nothing too taxing – right?

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