Top tips for posting on LinkedIn and getting interaction

In today’s social savvy world, LinkedIn has become a key tool in brand marketing. It’s a powerful tool for business exposure, especially when it comes to recruiting and building B2B relationships. LinkedIn allows for brands to share personalised stories on their company pages and interact with followers. With over 300 million users, you are going to need to stand out from other brands on the platform. Creating compelling content and getting interaction is easier than you think. So, here are our essential tips for posting and engaging readers.

Write about trending topics

Whether you’re writing a long article or posting an update on your company’s page, ensure you are writing about relevant marketing and business topics. Some of the most popular posts promoted on LinkedIn that go viral, are the ones that address trending news. Current stories are more appealing to users, so it’s more likely they’ll want to interact. Also, before you write a post, use LinkedIn Pulse channels to see what other brands are talking about to get inspiration.

Provide information and insight

LinkedIn users are looking for insights and information that will help them with their career aspirations and professional goals. Always provide valuable information on your posts, particularly if you’re a corporate company because this can be a huge boost for your traffic. LinkedIn is a proven traffic driver for B2B websites and accounts for 64% of all visits from social media platforms to corporate websites. So, make sure you address your readers’ needs in your posts to make them want to know more about your brand and start a conversation.

Get the right length

Keep updates concise and to the point and manage your frequency by writing fewer highly relevant updates. This way, your message is less likely to get lost in background noise and you can attract more interaction. When it comes to article posts, long-form content gets shared more. LinkedIn users are interested in business-related topics, so writing longer posts about topics that interest users work well. Also, always make sure you promote your LinkedIn content everywhere for even more interaction.

Create strong headlines

Headlines are extremely important, as this is what makes people want to read your article. Make sure your headlines are powerful but short. Posts that have shorter headlines attract the highest number of shares. With consistently strong headlines, more people will want to interact with your brand and they will see you as a reliable source of information.

Post at optimal times of the day

The ideal time to publish a post isn’t talked about often enough. All content marketers should think carefully about how they are going to deliver their content at a moment when their target audience is likely to see it. The best time to post for engagement is early in the morning and after work hours. There are some professionals who will engage all week long, so consider experimenting with different times, but always keep in mind when people are most likely to notice your posts.

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