When two brands work together nothing is impossible

Co-branding can be an effective marketing tool for business success. It can help attract a bigger audience, raise the public awareness of your brand and increase sales. Brand partnerships come with a whole range of benefits. Here we take a look at some great co-branding partnerships to inspire you.

The Global fund & Gap

When you start a partnership, you need to make sure that both brands share the same vision or are focused on similar themes. The Global fund & Gap are good examples of two brands who created a campaign around a theme, specifically the theme of change. The Global Fund has been running a campaign called PRODUCT (RED) to fight AIDS in Africa. Since the campaign started in 2006, they have raised over $130 million with the help of Gap. It is arguably one of the biggest co-branding campaigns ever. This partnership shows how business’ can benefit from co-branding for exposure and sales increase.

GoPro & Red Bull

Both GoPro & Red Bull have established themselves as exciting lifestyle brands. The duo isn’t just limited to selling energy drinks and cameras, as they have collaborated on many sponsored events. Red Bull has a strong connection with extreme sports and they run these events, helping GoPro to equip athletes with tools and equipment to capture certain moments, like stunts and races from the athlete’s perspective.

BMW & Louis Vuitton

Even brands that seem very different from each other can forge a successful partnership. Just take a look at BMW and Louis Vuitton. They both share the vision of providing luxury and quality, and are both high-end brands. In their partnership, Louis Vuitton exclusively designed a four-piece set of suitcases for the BWM i8. The luggage fits perfectly and the design matches the car’s high quality and slick appearance. These two brands are good examples of how different businesses can work together to express the same values, even if they are simply style and quality.

Spotify and Uber

This brand partnership allows premium Spotify users to listen to their own music in cars booked through Uber. This is a clever idea and a great way to attract customers by giving them the chance to enter a hired car and play the music of their choice. It gives people more of a reason to upgrade to a premium Spotify account. It’s a unique way for Spotify to stand out from the competition of other brands, like iTunes and YouTube.

These brand partnerships show how great things can be done in pairs. You can reap the benefits of co-branding when you select the right partner. Always identify the appropriate brand and work out in advance what expect to achieve. With the right marketing effects and the right resources, you can create an excellent co-branding campaign that’ll ensure continuous success.

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