Unveiling Tomorrow’s SEO: Trends and Insights for the Future

What does SEO mean for the future of your business? Now more than ever, it's increasingly important to position your company as a proactive yet engaging platform online. How do you know if you're achieving this or not though?

At Terrier Agency, we want to take a look at what modern companies should be doing to utilise the full power of SEO so that they won’t get left behind in a dynamic world.

Target Your Audience Correctly

The old days of aiming to get as much visibility for your article, no matter who reads it, are gone; today it makes much more sense to target the people you want to read your article specifically. This is part of the popular marketing strategy called STP (Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning) that advertising departments have used for a long time.

While there is some merit in a huge number of people seeing what your company does and the articles you produce, it could be a waste of time, effort, and money to put these pieces on certain platforms. Hypothetically, if your target audience were teenagers, it would seem more reasonable to position your company on TikTok than it would on LinkedIn, for instance – the same logic applies to your publications.

Using SEO tools, track where people are accessing your material, whether it be directly from your website, through a third-party website, on social media, or another online route.


Clear Content That Gets to the Point

Articles deemed as ‘clickbait’ infuriate web users who have spent 5 or 10 minutes scrolling through an article after being promised exciting news from the headline, only to be disappointed that there is nothing worth reading on the page.

This sort of experience lingers in the memory of web page visitors who tend to show patterns of loyalty regarding companies they know they can trust for useful content. Your article needs to have some sort of information that is at least interesting to the reader and hasn’t just been pumped out for the sake of views and click statistics. Having the writer be creative regarding how keywords are used and putting a serious focus on quality ensures your content is worthwhile.

One effective way of getting more information on a web page while keeping it useful is by answering FAQs at the bottom of the main content.


An Emphasis on Authors, not AI

One of the major advantages of putting a short introduction about the writer at the bottom of any content page is that the reader can see that this article was created by a real person and not automatically generated by an AI bot. It gives the impression that there is maybe some experience with what is being discussed, or a fair comparison can be made between two products or services.

It’s not that AI brings no advantages in a business sense whatsoever; it can be useful to generate a quick title or organise files, but it’s not advised for in-depth writing.

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