View-Through conversion tracking Google tool assesses memorability of display ads

Google’s view-through conversion tracking has, since 2009, allowed advertisers to connect a user’s activity having viewed a display ad, but not clicked on it, with their subsequent buying activity online. For example, if a user sees a banner ad and then, up to 30 days later, Googles that product and makes a purchase, this can be tracked. This takes into account that very few ads trigger immediate buying decisions and that effective displays ads can be memorable and therefore encourage buying at a later date.

By using this view-through tool, marketers have the capability to assess the wider influence their display ads have had and how effective each ad placement is. By comparing data from each of the channels you are advertising on, it is possible to clarify the most effective channels to increase conversions.

Terrier has the technical expertise to assist you in tracking and analysing this data. Providing detailed, concise and precise information regarding how users are responding to your display ads will enhance your brand strategy and ultimately save you money. Monitoring view-through conversions could lower your costs in eliminating the least effective advertising channels currently used, particularly when it comes to pay-per-click conversions. Using the tool, savvy advertisers can by-pass PPC outgoings if view-through statistics are reliable. The difficulty, however, is proving that the user was driven to make the purchase as a direct result of viewing the display ad, or proving that they actually did see it. Yet presuming that many users will not instantly click on an ad when browsing, but may well return to the product later, the tool can provide revealing insight. If you also consider that

Since 2009 the tool has variously been abused by some within the industry to dramatically inflate their conversion figures. When used effectively however it can enhance your ability to clarify the stickiness of your brand as view-through conversion, by implication, suggests memorable ads, as opposed to something that is immediately impactful.

The data can also contribute to information on the buying habits of consumers, comparing those who click and buy instantly, versus those who mull over making a purchase and go on to buy later. The addition of this data can further enhance the profile you have of your consumers, a useful complement to analytics already processed.


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