Shameless product placements in film

Product placement in films is nothing new. There are times when branded products are shown incidentally to ensure the film looks like it exists in the real world. But many films step over that line and clearly work product placement into the plot, to make audiences think about buying. Below, we’ve listed films with the most blatant product placement.

The Island

In the sci-fi action film, The Island, Michael Bay uses product placement excessively.  There are shots of X-box, Nokia cell phones, people wearing Puma shoes and Cisco videophone technology. It also includes Range Rover, MSN and Johnny Rockets.

I, Robot

The first ten minutes of I, Robot could have easily been a Converse advert. The film devotes its early moments to direct advertisement for trainers. There is a scene when Will Smith takes out a new pair of Converse All-Stars Vintage and talks to other people about the shoes. Bearing in mind the film is about a robot conspiracy, we can see its direct product placement. There’s also the futuristic Audi car that Will Smith drives, as well as the McDonald’s and Gap ads, which can be seen when he walks through Time Square.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

There are so many branded products in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Really, we could pick any film in the franchise, as they all feature noticeably blunt product placement. Shia LaBeouf can be seen using a Lenovo laptop and other big brands, such as Fox News, Fox News, and CNN all featured heavily in the film.

Image result for the intern film

The Intern

The Intern has an abundance of product placement, with a lot of brands getting far too much screen time. For example, Apple’s products show up regularly in the film. We can see iMacs, iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. We also see several Dell computers, Starbucks, Facebook and an Audi Q7.

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