Build your own online community

Online communities can really bring in a harvest of benefits. It’s an easy way to build excitement around your brand or product and ensure your target audience keeps coming back to your service. Companies with an online community enjoy 31% greater return on marketing investments, proving that this type of marketing campaign is strong in terms of return on investment. Let’s take a look at the ways you can build a strong online community.

Consistent content

You must produce and publish content on a regular basis to be successful. One of the main ways successful organisations build authority and brand awareness is due to their high level of consistency. Creating high-quality, regular content will help you keep up with the competition and bring credibility to your brand. Also, consistent content improves your website traffic and SEO, as search engines value websites that are continuously updated.


Whether you create blog posts or video content, it needs to be shareable. High-quality content can be spread by your community and beyond. The more it’s scattered across the internet, the more your online community, and thus brand, will grow. Ensure your headlines are engaging and make it easy for people to share it by including the right call to action. Make sure you create content with the audience in mind, so they will be more likely to share it and spread the word about your community and brand.

Build Trust

Trust between a brand and its audience is an important part of building an online community. Companies that have established trust will receive more engagement and traffic. Always show that you care about your audience’s problems and make sure your content offers the opportunity for two-way conversation. Also, when someone leaves a comment on your site, make the effort to respond occasionally and engage with your visitors, developing the trust even further.

Have personality

All the major brands online have a distinct personality and brand voice. It’s important that you find your own voice to make it authentic. This will help grow your online community, as visitors will always be keen to see what you have to say next, and they’ll want to be a part of the community and brand you are building.

In short, to develop the best online community possible, produce regular, high-quality content that you would click on yourself. Include the right calls to action in the content, as this increases the likelihood of people sharing it on social media platforms – extending your brand’s reach. Build two-way relationships with your audiences through comments and fielding questions, your audience will respond to this and develop loyalties with the brand or product. Find and develop your own brand voice and identity which you can build your online content around. It’s far easier to produce high-quality content when you have a distinct style, or have specific areas you are engaged in.

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