Creating a blogger ambassador program

One of the best ways for brands and influencers to connect is through a blogger brand ambassador program. It’s a collaborative agreement where you hire an influencer to promote your content, in order to ensure advocacy. As your brand will be connected to influencers, this creates more trusted advocacy, so your brand’s message will spread more significantly.

Keep reading to learn about the steps to creating a successful blogger ambassador program.

  1. Identify the relevant bloggers in your niche

A modern brand ambassador is a real person, someone with an authentic connection to the brand. They used to be high profile people paid to align themselves with the brand, but now it’s more important to find micro-influencers who genuinely love the brand. You must identify the right influencer, who is interested in your niche and has an incentive to work with your brand, such as receiving compensation for recommending a product. Create a win-win situation where both sides gain value.

  1. Clearly define your goals

Know your goals from the start. The quickest way to fail is not understanding your brand’s objectives. If you don’t have a grasp of your core message, then how can your ambassadors? It’s essential that your ambassadors know exactly what your brand is trying to achieve. Once you know your core message, it’s easier to find the relevant bloggers you need and create ideas for specific purposes. For example, some of your ambassadors could be working on brand awareness, while others work on promoting your products. Knowing your goals helps you build a better strategy.

  1. Build the structure of your ambassador programme

Make sure your ambassador programme has a clear structure, complete with milestones, benefits, goals and rules. Having a code of conduct for your ambassador programme will help your ambassadors understand your ideal strategy, but it should make them feel empowered to act independently. You should let your ambassadors know where you want your brand to be promoted, so they don’t publicise in places you don’t feel comfortable with. Also, you need to decide whether your programme is going to be exclusive or inclusive.

  1. Ensure success

Once you have laid the groundwork for your program, you need to ensure long-term success. You need to keep your program exciting, with the ultimate goal of building a community and creating meaning around your brand. The best ways to do this is by keeping your ambassadors engaged. Give them opportunities, like access to private events. Be sure to set up a page on your site dedicated to your ambassadors. Always find new ways of giving your ambassadors value and recognise their achievements.

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