Blogger Outreach: How to find and contact bloggers

The first task before starting blogger outreach is to understand the target audience that you are trying to communicate with. The next task is to make sure that you contact only trusted, authoritative sources that communicate daily with your audience.

The easiest way to stat to find bloggers is one of the follow three ways; simple use Google search for industry related blogs, use the backlinks tab in Majestic SEO when looking at competitors websites or using the website 

Before you start create a Google Doc, as you can share this with other to edit and access it from anywhere. Once you find a relevant blogger put their name in the document with the all relevant information about them. I normally create name, URL, trust flow, citation flow, domain authority, contact details, Twitter followers, Facebook likes, additional info

Google Search – If you are using Google search, type in the type of blogger you want to look for and then the word ‘blogger’ e.g. “lifestyle blogger”, “gaming blogger”, etc. Click on all the blogs that you think are relevant to your brand and add them to the excel sheet.

Majestic SEO Backlinks – Copy and paste the URL of the competitors website into majestic SEO and look at the backlinks tab to see that entire websites links. You can then export the backlink list, by clicking on the ‘download data’ button. This will download a file that you can open up in Excel and filter out the links that aren’t relevant. I normally filter by trust, as I think this is the most important factor for building a good link profile. – You can use follower wonk to search through peoples twitter bio’s and competitors and find any bloggers that blog around the subject you are outreaching for. Click on search bios and change the drop down menu to search bios. You then just need to look at their twitter profiles and try and find links to their blogs. This is the most underrated way of finding new bloggers but the most effective in my opinion

Once you have found a list of bloggers, check their trust flow, citation flow and their domain authority. We want ideally 15+ for trust flow to get a decent quality backlink for your brand.

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