LinkedIn best practices

When it comes to social networks, Facebook and Twitter are the most popular, but LinkedIn is in a league of its own. It connects you to professionals and colleagues, so this social network is the best place for businesses to build a professional following. The platform has over 500,000 million registered users, so there is a lot of engagement you can’t afford to miss out on.

So, here are our best practices for growing your brand on LinkedIn:

Make your company page visually appealing

Having an attractive company page is key to making people stick around when they find your brand on LinkedIn. Creating a company page is a simple process, but you must make sure it’s compelling. Once you’ve filled in your details and have added a company administrator, you should create an engaging company description. You have 2,000 characters to describe what your company does and why people should care.

Also, upload an appealing header which clearly contains your logo to make your brand eye-catching, and remember to get your staff linked to the page. To do this, your colleagues need to edit their profiles and associate their account with the company page. This makes your company look more complete and people will take your business seriously.

Provide valuable content regularly

Just like any other platform, you should post articles on LinkedIn on a consistent basis to grow your audience. Make sure you provide quality content that brings genuine value to the people in your network. Try posting various types of articles, like industry expertise, think pieces or industry news. For example, a recruitment company could strike a balance between blog-style content relevant to the industries they recruit into compared to shorter, social media-style posts on current affairs issues. Also, you should like and share things that your audience will care about, and always respond to any feedback. While consistently providing value, you must keep an eye out for business opportunities. Don’t be afraid to post the occasional

Post company status updates

It’s important that you keep finding new ways to incentivise people to follow your company page. Publishing company status updates is a great way to do this, as you’ll be giving even more information to those in your network. To turn on company status updates, go to your admin tools and click “Edit”. Here you’ll find company page admins and underneath, “Designated Users Only” must be checked in order for the status update box to appear. Whenever you make a company update, it will appear on your followers’ homepage and on the company page.

Join relevant groups

You need to be able to discover your target market. A great way to do this is by joining relevant groups where your customers and prospective clients are. This allows you to find people who may be interested in your brand and it can help grow your following. LinkedIn groups can generate leads and being an active participant will create more awareness about your brand. To search, make sure you use keywords so you’ll find groups strictly related to your business.

Run LinkedIn ads

Finally, you should use ads on LinkedIn to grow your presence. To start, go to the LinkedIn ads login page and select ‘Create Ad’. You’ll be taken to your members dashboard, where you’ll be able to fill in your campaign name, ad language, and media type. You can choose between sponsored content, which showcases your company page, or text ads. Once you’ve created the ad, you can focus on targeting by setting the basic parameters and demographics. Advertising on LinkedIn is a great choice for any business.

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