Search Ads 360: What? + Why?

Formerly known as DoubleClick Search, Google’s freshly-rebranded Search Ads 360 is a search marketing management platform. It allows digital marketers to oversee large search marketing campaign in one dedicated place. Unlike its rivals, Google’s Search Ads 360 comes at a price. Is it worth it?


Search Ads 360 comes with multiple tools, including the incredibly useful copy testing tool. Think: Personal proofreader who knows the intricacies of every search engine, works 24/7 and doesn’t’ require their own desk. Set up your dates and boom: super simple A/B ad testing. It keeps track of everything you could possible need: headline impact, click through rates, etc. It considers the other factors that can influence the impact of your search campaign, allowing you to clearly assess the impact of your copy. All the data is stored on record, so you can nail your strategy for your next campaign and beyond.


Search Ads 360 keeps everything in one place. No more 50-tab browser windows, no more copy and pasting. You can find all your possible data for every possible platform: Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, etc. The time you save jumping between interfaces can be spent tidying up your automated bidding, adjusting bids and adding in your negatives. This feature is 100% one for the search marketing powerhouses and visionaries out there: The bigger the project, the better!


Reporting is central to every PPC campaign, for both clients and marketers alike. Cut through the waffle and skip on the messy Excel sheets, Search Ads 360’s own reports are incredibly simple to understand. Think: More Infographic, less jargon. These reports can be set up to fire out to clients and colleagues as frequently as is necessary. Time saver!


Automated bidding is key to any successful large-scale PPC and search marketing campaign. Key. Google’s Search Ads 360 is constantly learning more about bidding strategies and applying those learnings to their automated bidding technology. The platform can change bids multiple times a day over 1000s of keywords. There’s a wealth of strategies out there, including: positional strategies, conversion strategies, high-performing keyword strategies. Whether you want to apply one strategy across the board or work on individual strategies to individual search engines, it’s all there at your fingertips.

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