Liquid Ice – Reaching Out


Digital advertising is defined by its multiplicity. Whether you’re an established brand or a start-up, the number of different routes you can take in digitally promoting your brand is (almost) endless.

Well, most of the time.

Liquid Ice approached us to help launch and promote their brand new e-liquid and vaping hardware store. Launching a new ecommerce website in an area where all forms of online advertising are off-limits – such as e-cigarettes and vaping – is an incredibly difficult task.

No social ads. No PPC. No TrueView. No display ads.


Terrier set out drawing up a large scale, multi-channel outreach project. We specifically targeted the hundreds of micro-influencers in the European vaping community. In exchange for reviewing and posting content, influencers were able to sample the Liquid Ice range.

TFrom the off, we were keen to build an attribution model for every aspect of our outreach.

Every IG feed like and comment.
Every IG story.
Every view on YouTube.
Every blog post read.

To do this, we worked out our product cost (incl. P&P) and divided this by whatever our reach metric was. We worked out the monetary value depending on the specific format of each platform:

Instagram: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / LIKES (Total IG likes on all posts by influencer)
YouTube: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / VIEWS (Total YT views one each video by vlogger)
Blogs: PRICE (Product cost + P&P) / TRAFFIC (Total traffic on blog site over a month)

In regards to the blogs, we use a digital tool called SEMRush to estimate the amount of traffic that sees the product on the site over a month.



Our directed activity on this platform is cheaper and more effective than any other method. We estimate that our activity will have a reach of over 800,000 people. Using conservative conversion rates, we estimate that this reach will guarantee a recall of over 100,000 users, and garner a direct engagement of 53,000 users.

Put simply, Instagram ads are too expensive and time-consuming, in light of these results.


Our activity with bloggers has a dual-effect: it reaches potential customers and improves the Liquid Ice site. We reached over 100,000 users through blog reviews, and at the same time gained trusted links to the Liquid Ice, improving its link profile and authority.


Our activity with the e-liquid vlog community gained 5,000 views of videos purely reviewing our products.

They also provide vital no-follow links which balance the link profile of the site. This helps the strength of the Liquid Ice site to look natural and be respected by Google.


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