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A large part of Google’s, and other search engines’, algorithms is site structure. By structure, we mean how the page is set up, including how the individual pages are linked to one another, and how rigorously tagged and categorised the site is.

Our Approach.

Creating a structurally sound website, is key to your brand’s visibility and growth online.

Terrier builds bespoke websites that completely adhere to best practice. We customise the site to contain relevant information that customers are searching for each month. This approach makes the site much more relevant for customers and increases rankings in organic search engines.

We also make structural changes to the site that will help organic search engines index the site quickly and easily.

Every site that we build is fully responsive. With the dramatic rise in mobile devices, we implement a mobile-first policy on all builds. We make sure every site has excellent load times and are easy to navigate regardless of the device. We are always keeping up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure the site contains the right information.

We work across a number of different platforms, such as WordPressMagentoShopify and WooCommerce. Making sure our clients’ sites are built correctly is one of the first elements in our digital strategy methodology.

We see the mobile first approach becoming far more popular in the coming years, with brands keeping dual screening capability at the heart of their new builds. Where previously brands had pushed to get people to social media channels to gain what they believed to be that valuable “like” or “follow”, we expect there to be a dramatic push in the other direction. Website will go back to being the end goal of most brands’ user journeys.

Let’s work together

We work with clients from start-ups to global brands. If you’ve got a project, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling!