Infographics vs. Blog Posts

As we all know, content is king. Visual information, however, is not to be laughed at. Blogging is an important weapon in any business’s arsenal because it drives traffic to your site. But to keep people on your site for longer and make sure your posts get shared across social media, visual content is becoming increasingly essential.

Studies have shown that 90 percent of what we remember is based on visual content. Too many brands focus all their energy on writing long posts and even though they can be great tools for providing valuable information, visuals add variety and energy. Infographics are much more eye-catching than printed words, combining colours and images, to be much more impactful on the reader.

In 2016, data scientists analysed thousands of articles produced by Contently and they found that infographics reach 54% more readers than blog posts. In other words, infographics get shared far more often and capture people’s attention far more easily.

The same data scientists found that a large percentage of infographic traffic came from another page on the company’s site, suggesting that people are receptive to infographics when they are already engaging with the brand. Although high-quality infographics boost traffic, creating them can be time consuming. Regular blog posts do require less time and are easier to create and structure. Furthermore, a well-produced infographic may require the work of an illustrator/designer, potentially running up the costs.

With the right amount of personality, blog posts can trigger emotions, but infographics can do this in a far more dynamic way. However, they do often offer a more singular vision whereas blog posts are better disposed to hold conversations between various viewpoints.

The key is balance. Blog posts cater for a more specific, long-standing audience while infographics are more memorable and transmit messages faster. Best answer: ensure your content calendar is always varied and topical, as audiences will be far more likely to perceive your brand as fresh, engaged and dynamic.

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