Cobalt Recruitment – Assessing the value of a recruitment site


Cobalt were interested in developing a system for understanding the value of their site. Cobalt outlined a number of questions regarding their site’s overall value:

• How much is someone contacting Cobalt worth?
• How much is someone who submits a CV worth?
• How much is a successful candidate worth?


First, Terrier put Google event tracking across the site and set-up a number of ‘goals’. Then, the quantity of leads was compared to the overall quality of those leads. This allowed for an attribution model to be built, telling us how much a website visitor was worth to Cobalt. Similarly, the model highlighted how much an application is worth.

These values offer a sizable insight with regards to marketing. Knowing how much a website visitor is worth allows for ad spending to be capped at a definite level. The Google event tracking ‘goals’ were associated with real life monetary value in Analytics. So, for example: A job application to Cobalt site being worth £—.

In addition to this, the new model revealed discrepancies in the reporting of candidates. We were then able to discuss the correct coding of website leads with the Cobalt team.


Cobalt know the value of a job application to the site and are equipped with the sums to monitor this value. In addition to this, we were able to analyse the initial conversion rates of good candidates and highlight when and where good candidates were ‘slipping through the net’. We increased the number of leads being correctly coded and saw a 75% increase in the number of good leads.


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