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Cobalt Recruitment – Power of video content


As a leading recruitment agency, Cobalt constantly connect with potential employees and recruiting employers alike. However, the Cobalt site’s conversation rate was poor and had the potential to be far stronger. In addition, the site suffered from a low rate of organic users entering the site from any page other than the homepage. The bounce and exit rates (from organic search) were correspondingly high.


A Forrester study in 2009 found that ‘pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google search results’. This is equally as true an insight today. Terrier set out creating a range of eighteen on-site video animations that drew new audiences to key areas of the site. The animations were based around different themes relevant to Cobalt: Industry specific career profiles alongside tips and advice aimed at job seekers. The effects of the new video-based content were concentrated through industry-specific retargeting of audiences across several media platforms.


The new video-based content, (seen here) achieved over 250,000 views and this in turn resulted in several key gains with regards to Cobalt’s site:

• Organic traffic to the site rose by 67%
• Organic traffic to the site (excl. homepage) rose by 180%
• 1000+ new followers on Facebook



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