Love Struck

The Challenge

Love Struck found themselves struggling to make any traction with regard to their website. With the help from Terrier, we were able to identify some further issues that they were experiencing and more importantly, fixes for these issues. The steps that needed to be carried out for Love Struck were:

  • Identify structural issues with the site.
  • Conduct a thorough SEO audit.
  • Keyword research and mapping across the entire site. 
  • Competitor reviews of their social media.
  • Contacting influencers for further outreach.

The Campaign

The best place to start was to carry out a thorough SEO audit, to identify both structural issues that might be affecting how the site performs as well as analysing how the content was performing on the site. With the structural issues, it is best to highlight these as soon as we start working with clients as this helps prevent further damage from being caused. Flagging these potential issues with the developers helps them identify what needs to be done and find the right type of fix for the job.

Following on from the structural audit, it was also important to highlight where they could also improve the written content on the site. When highlighting areas in which they could improve with regards to their written content, further relevant research needed to be carried out. This is then the ideal time to put together some keyword research and keyword mapping to help enhance and optimise the copy already on the site. 

The benefits of carrying out keyword research and keyword mapping are numerous. The main one being that it can arm you with the right tools to enable subtle changes to existing copy as well as future copy. This is an ideal way to stay relevant with competitors too. This is because it is an opportunity to highlight areas that are missing relevant keywords from the audit and start to include them in future copy. It also is useful to see which keywords your competitors are using and how they are using them to see why they are getting more clicks and impressions. 

Another important part of carrying out thorough competitor analysis is by seeing how they are utilising their social media. It is important to see both what the type of content they are posting on their social media accounts as well as what their followers are like in terms of the types of people they are reaching with this type of content. Are they the target audience or are they outside the typical target audience and yet still appealing to them. Another important question to ask whilst carrying out this research is who are they getting to help promote their product and brand too, if anyone. 

This is now the best time to outline a plan of action for the influencer marketing campaign. This helps both outline a target of how many influencers should be contacted on a monthly basis, plus outline the types of influencers that already have followers that are within your target audience. Contacting a range of influencers including vloggers, bloggers and Instagram influencers was important to ensure that a number of bases were covered in terms of influencer marketing. This is an effective marketing strategy as this helps reach a huge number of people just by contacting a relatively small number of influencers who have that extensive reach.

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The Results

What the outcome was with Terriers work with Love Struck was an impressive turnaround in terms of improved engagement.

  • 162% increase in organic traffic for non brand related terms YOY

Organic Traffic Increase


Non-Brand Organic Traffic


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