The Challenge

MyBaker faced the challenge of increasing visibility for B2C search terms to drive more traffic to their Wedding, Baby Shower, and Birthday Cake pages. This was essential for reducing their dependence on bulk corporate orders and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, aiming for a broader consumer base.

The Campaign

To address this, we undertook a comprehensive re-mapping of the MyBaker website, ensuring each page targeted specific conversion-based, non-branded keywords. We also built strong, consistent backlinks monthly and expanded the site with a tertiary navigation and new sub-category pages to enhance our targeting efforts for these terms.

The Results

Our efforts led to a significant improvement in the site’s structural optimization and search engine trust flow, which increased from 9 to 21. The site experienced a 16.4% increase in year-over-year traffic, growing from 48.3K to 56.2K visitors. Furthermore, key terms saw dramatic improvements in search rankings over three months, such as “Order birthday cake” rising from 39th to 9th and “Birthday cake delivery” improving from 90th to 11th position. These optimizations helped diversify the traffic sources away from relying heavily on PPC campaigns.

Organic Traffic Increase



Search Engine Trust Flow

from 9 to 21

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