Koyo Loans

The Challenge

Koyo Loans was looking to not be so reliant on brand traffic and were struggling with their organic visibility in the crowded space that is personal finance. There were also sizable technical issues preventing the site from being crawled and indexed reliably. One of the main hurdles here was the duplication of a high percentage of content between the domain and a subdomain. Their objectives included:

  • Become competitive for the lead terms in the personal finance space around ‘loans’ as a concept.
  • Generate a better quality of lead from organic.
  • Build up a content plan centred on straightforward open banking and loan advice.
  • Maintain SEO performance during a digital rebrand.
  • Gain more coverage from relevant websites in the fintech/open banking space.

The Campaign

From a technical standpoint, we agreed on a timeline for fixing and developing the technical architecture of the site. We also ended the process of content being spread out across subdomains and brought everything back onto the main domain via redirects. With content being produced regularly, best practices for copy optimisation were agreed upon and actioned for all the content. KW optimising the key landing pages on the site, to fully enhance the performance of these pages, was a key missing element to Koyo’s organic strategy historically. This process helps establish Koyo Loans in the lending space as they will start to rank competitively for phrases surrounding loans and fintech.  

Following these steps, we could start to think about how to establish authority and maintain the success of the search results. A key to achieve this was by contextual link building. We developed a program to make sure ‘Koyo Guides’ was optimised by internal and external link optimisation. This was vital in terms of helping improve and build authority.

borrowing extra on mortgage for renovations



loan appproved



how to build credit uk



loan to pay off credit cards



The Results

In terms of results, getting organic clicks and impressions up was a priority. Since following the campaign, the results are as following:

  • Organic clicks are up as shown with clicks up by 40% YOY.
  • Organic impressions up even more with 45% YOY. 
  • The brand itself is generating less navigational traffic from its own brand terms (clicks are down 35% YOY and impressions are down 42% YOY).

With the significant increase in organic traffic, Koyo has become less reliant on brand traffic. In turn, Koyo starts to have increased visibility for broader personal finance terms. This helps close the gap on their competitors.

Koyo’s improved positioning for search terms and queries was proof of the increase in organic traffic.

  • Koyo now ranks in the top ten for high search volume terms. These include ‘loans’, ‘loans UK’, ‘lending loans’, ‘UK loans’ and ‘apply for loan’.
  • ‘fair credit score loans’, has seen an increase from 54th to 6th.
  • ‘loans UK’, has jumped up from 18th to 7th. 

The number of indexed pages and topically relevant backlinks is ever-growing too. 

  • Indexed pages started as low as 35 but has rapidly increased to 250+
  • Dozens of topically relevant backlinks from domains that have a trust flow of over 50.