Pure Smiles

The Challenge

With Pure Smiles’ location in such a competitive area in Fulham, getting their name out there digitally became a priority for them to help establish themselves up against their competitors. The challenge that this provided was developing an online presence that would be competitive enough on order to stand out in what is already a competitive market in dentistry. Furthermore, Pure Smiles added a second practice, also in Fulham, which needed to also be promoted through being added to the ever-growing digital presence that Pure Smiles was experiencing. The steps needed to be taken were as follows:

  • Providing consistent written copy.
  • Writing fully unique treatment pages to promote their services.
  • Promoting the already existing quality reviews from satisfied customers to help promote their services as a whole.
  • Reaching out to relevant bloggers to broaden their brand awareness to relevant target audience.

The Campaign

Helping provide consistent written copy with what Pure Smiles offer as not only a regular dentistry, but also cosmetic oral treatment too was a top priority to help establish what they have to offer potential patients. Getting the word out of their quality services was vital as this provided further information about what they have for potential patients as well as highlighting the benefits of visiting a family run dental practice. Seeing how a lot of people are seeking out a community feel in many aspects of their lives and yet struggling to find it, using the fact that they are a family run dentistry as a unique selling point was a no brainer. 

Whilst providing this consistent written copy in the form of blogs and news relevant to Pure Smiles, ensuring that the existing copy on their service pages was also important. Ensuring that all of these pages were properly optimised meant that they were able to start to compete with some of their competitors in a similar field. Providing this existing copy with relevant keywords and information meant that they could start to move up in the search term rankings as start to gain ground on their dental practice competitors. 

With Pure Smiles already having a loyal patient base, they were able to garner a number of positive reviews regarding their services. These positive experiences needed to be shared to potential patients in order to highlight their high-quality services. When viewing reviews from other patients, this gives an insight to what it is like to have Pure Smiles as their local dental practice and seeing these reviews from existing patients will only help establish new ones and influence them to think about changing their dental practice.

In a similar vein to highlighting the positive reviews on their site, helping reach out to relevant influencers and bloggers to provide further details about their services from the perspective of a patient also helps. Giving this perspective to potential patients helps provide a different angle and less bias opinion on Pure Smiles as a brand and dental practice which can only help positively boost their appeal and digital footprint.

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The Results

Following these steps for Pure Smiles and helping establish themselves digitally, they have since been able to gain significant ground on their competitors in the realm of digital branding. Tidying up existing copy as well as establishing brand new written content has only help promote their site and in turn their services too. 

Organic Traffic Increase


Increase in Overall Search Visibility


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